Facebook Burns Gavin

Friday, January 12th

Gavin posted something on Facebook but Facebook translate completely changed it wrong: 


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A six IBM. It's the wake of Devin does is something that is FaceBook page Gavin wake up call you like to give little like. Says that this could give almost gotten him fired 00. Absolutely. Really good yeah these guys. So. I mean in the past. My FaceBook page has been. No stranger to controversy just. But that's what I swear wasn't my fault this is the news story that came out. About yeah how Disney is making live action versions of all of their like classic animated movies yeah okay so. One of the big ones coming up at the live action version of eleven directed by Guy Ritchie Will Smith is gonna be the genie. I'm and they picked the big that's why is what this was that they picked to unknown Middle Eastern. Actor and actress to be Aladdin and jasmine. Everybody was like yeah. Three Eurodisney awesome no more whitewashing and Hollywood. And that came out that they they are kind of whitewashing. The 'cause. It has been reported. That for this Aladdin movie they are putting. Little little makeup on the extra spaces to make them look Middle Eastern. So they're taking white people and putting ethnic makeup on them to make them look Middle Eastern match. I see this and I am and I'm not saying this now as the Monday Morning Quarterback thing I meant fifth time. I am removed very nervous right now I had a great life posted this article because I was genuinely disappointed. That Disney did this. And when I. Wives. Online Disney. And that's all I said. How would you spell. Wait a second. Story wait a minute how would you spell. Trouble on C apostrophe MON. Apparently is in another language and you don't look FaceBook dot. FaceBook. Quickly truly late stop. For you audience. So they think column on the word. Bitch and played it what it translates to a lot. Luckily. All. About how have been. Faith and on white people for the Aladdin movie and it translated to. Look like I typed it. This is Mike did not. I think. I did. All year. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah most. And if like. And then there's the story out there of being like. Yeah did. Executives said that they won't count we'll let the genie but he's just do black and I love. Article go might yeah being being well. Well Diane yeah what is that I don't. I was on my phone and I was a late FaceBook and I was kind of skimming through my timeline. And I saw that so. You'd do well I didn't. You read the article I just saw that now this is by exiting on how big of a fee in a Disney Gavin is and that's huddle like debt. My house this is my Disney's animal let out a superb product. Todd Jack. Oh. Kids yeah. Like people Oklahoma. OK. Yeah. So thank god wake up call listeners are very intelligent because they figured it out right away. They haven't figured out what. Quietly excess body there or something like ray this translation good Vegas FaceBook once the bell and how might doing kind of the they all account accurate and yes so like an Angel said. I was very confused until I hit rate might translation and then I saw what you originally wrote in the uneven screen captured it circled like what the translation lines. I was sure I can until I came to the comments and I thought another one Angelique I would like. Real. I. It's so funny. It's not our listeners know law. How did technology in the inner networks. To meet an event might. Blog it would flare got a decision to make but what happens friendship and added I could a 1065 B and.