Facial Flex for Rayne

Tuesday, February 13th

Since shaving his beard, Rayne realized his face is rounder than it used to be:


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Wake up call 165 the end game beginning to the studio this morning. Situated gift for me so I don't know what's in this but if you watch a video. Of what's about to happen you can text the word flax is that the word I'm being told the word is blacks to 73389. Now you shave your beard you lost your beard and that's to me he. Eight and you were a little surprise I don't embarrass you know that since these are growing your beard a year ago. Simple little rounder. But he's got fat from the last time I remembered not having a beard yes. They've they've got just say you feel like your praise in the round yes and a little. A little more under the chin Peña you know Fuller in the cheeks. And you don't want that film. I got is from. And it is call. They shall acts. And then this is something you put in your mouth. And you do face exercises. And it will make your face looks Webber won't come on where did you exceed its duty. Okay. Why did you. It is people's it's a little it's a little white box. Has though it came in Ansel woman now with her hands gently touching your face that demands. A case. That is episodes like what does it do. OK so well yeah now looks like a torture device for fraud. You put on the side laps of any. So I need to study a lot of cold and is this where is the instructions on the instruction and not really SharePoint. I struck I would be honest thing. There are not instructions that come with it there's picture elect their sins and and yeah. I think I. On them but Robert bear for instead that's the tension thing so what are the DO it's worked out your muscles in your pays. Making your face then learned. That sounds like garbage to me a little plastic device she put on the study your cheeks and you put a rubber being in the middle. And you pusher cheeks together and IBM. Now let's see our I just love others a warning do not use more than one flex band at a time we'll sort you don't want to Wear yourself out right I wanna know what situation happened that caused the NAFTA but the warning that person has no praise anymore that number's gonna get those spotter I. I'm sapped her hey yeah I think it's about. Boy are here. Wow you are off but isn't out of the all oh yeah backwards I do have a backwards. Any doubt Tug back. Married out. Yeah he's doing he's pulling your cheeks in and out and hear a rumor and I page. Rafa for. But it cousins tension in the so all of a penny do you feel like it's working muscles you don't generally work. Current mining and 41 dollar and you're our audio aren't eligible. Funny you know why why you put it that way I look it's 41 and not so I'm according wanna know Jane one. Dollars for the band Baghdad and how long irons you're far forever. Do you structure and lose any sleep like any kind of working out it's humid too good. I murdered and. Do you lack. It's it's a 00. Tired tired so again so are you do you feel like the muscles are being worked god and drooling all right are you drooling on yourself. Where it can. Happen might try. You don't well yeah. That's. Oh it. And I don't do it all looking at all. A little. I'll narrow little white Jernigan is about me but I do you say a lot of things about dirty and I'm out that Obama. All I know rubber ring that no you know you can handle the goal line. I listen as it says if you use more than one rubber band flex band at the time the terrorists win. Put it says do you want that. Saying it doesn't feel like that salute or. Deadly Jeanne before or one dollar and actually seemed like it's a complete load of crap. Try I will never try it. Try yeah it's season. Oh you know. He did it twice today so I can't do it and say yeah you can't do that I am. It might help. Flew I did. A flu shot can ever ran out. I'm putting your we were outbid it still ahead how it. It's it's cold and flu season a grown up OK yeah. My putter right there by the way rain when you do this don't forget to skip tongue bag for McCain yeah. I'm 165. B and.