Fake Promotional Items

Wednesday, November 22nd

The Wake Up Call rant about how we should make products that don't really exist and put out press releases that say they are:


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65 the end so bring it also has announced. That you can buy it trade. Of chimps. Bitter flavors. That represented Thanksgiving dinner there's like six compartments and hay and each chip. Is the flavor of Thanksgiving. Placed like there's a Turkey worse than Turkey chip there's a cranberry champ there's a green bean casserole trip but is there stuffing there's a stuffing chip there's a pumpkin pie into the inland chick. I mean all in these little different compartments I mean he batted a fighting guests will say there's forty ships altogether. Richard yeah there is always good African blood obviously break their brain else. I'm not saying that this is the group good idea but I'm also not gonna say that I don't wanna try it. I would trip small Pringles are one of the worst jobs in the world well OYY yeah. Why oh why that really does bald as soon as you put them in your mouth but they're not greasy though they're that they're that nice through the clean check it clean and are you good chip agrees that much I'm not struck with that I don't enjoy downfall of America okay where can you get a. You cannot Janet that's the problem why it's okay. It's hey hey it's it's something that they made it just to get people to talk about Pringles being shipped it out it's dead. Give people didn't do blogs about it okay cannot actually go to the store to buy it. This is a becoming a trend because you know what all did this was stove top stuffing. Where you got my eighth stove top stuffing PMs while they're pretending to sell stuff top seventy and that aren't you think Lee's movie you're getting paid ads. They have pictures of stove top stuffing. At the waist line and critics they AMs really begs leave. Your show on food and even made an infomercial for a they did you. Having Thanksgiving dinner with your family and enjoying a second serving of a delay his own good meal and afterwards you feel stuck in restricted in your uncomfortable jeans khakis. I ask you tried on but your. That's for relief. Two time. Eight stop the frustration and embarrassment the solution is clear in my introducing stubs out Thanksgiving dinner dance. Is this stuff Thanksgiving is made up and the perfect way to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in comfort and style yeah. What does all commercial that they dad and they even did like. You know they've flash to black and white and again he's trying to do something then nodded like trying to unbowed derby at did you get dues food litter yeah. Yeah I. That's funny the Pringles ones flooding here and why doesn't seem like QT and and I. I like he'd do. A promotion. I'm Bob they products to get people talking. We're like. Now selling. I'm call clocks where where are Hezbollah. Could tell you know it's time. At one company. He's allowed to do did do this why they'll either get away with this kind of thing but it works we should do we do you know like Burton and does yeah. Wakeup call last bears would start not selling give away. Slides wait all kind of slides. Yourself a night. 8000 dollar electric sports car and Egypt faces are going to be a one of the doors simply don't think I'll ride shotgun he's fit and I have been and then. Yeah if I'm wrong cannot. I should Atlanta do different 89. CD. Now the cash and. And then what. As can be you ever because we're never gonna make out you know what we have to do and commercial I'm just line. Sick and tired arrive around your corolla. Well I love you had a buddy gasoline and that's what did you know I should regard this puts. I just get the wake up call to slot available or not this year or ever eight OK so here's what we are going to start selling it a gay members selling first and foremost wrapped wake up call wrapping paper oh you have all are they even even shoes just one of buzz there will not beat Kevin. Just to spite him. Quaint the gravy boat yet here I think you know if you. I think that how about and I'll wake up call long balls. You can have your children. Don't wait you might think it's the dollar to have sex well maybe not it's just the door all the love on a young. I did exactly what that pretend that you have. A companion lane next. Are adorable face and if you want to have sex when big bad a deal wow okay I'm right gathered. And what's next on the wakeup call.