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Tuesday, October 25th

A lady sues KFC because their buckets of chicken aren't overflowing like they are in the ad and The Wake Up Call talks about it:

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Please wake up call. Nine from RV. The play around hide of guys think this woman as a paid the same woman in New York City is suing KFC. Because she says their buckets of fried chicken. Aren't overflowing. Like they are on the ads when you get one she says it's never ever. Just and he's suing him for twenty million dollars. She's 64 years old woman an and it works burger. From nine New York she. Twenty million dollars though for a twenty dollar bucket of chicken she got home he wasn't quote bursting with gorgeous pieces of fried chicken like in the photos. Say she says they say if feeds the whole family they're showing a bucket that's over lung which kicking you get half. Half a bucket that's false advertising it doesn't beat old days they're small pieces does she have a. Hayes I don't know but it sure seemed like she sure. Tell me that's. Everybody do you remember that's we all laughed but and subway got in trouble because remember their problem for only ten inches on her talk like I did it. Yeah and where they got served four man now they have to make each one. It's that they had to make twelve inches of of sandbags or did they'd stop calling them for a long and and yeah. They do. Any any in all honesty. I was so. Distracted by the old Jared and forget what they do windows anymore as recently. That was couple years back you know I think Islam as a case for the first. This sets a legal precedent for odd to see you for all kinds of stuff. Four and whenever I see is somebody eating a lot Marie go into commercial. And you a lot of that diary at mass. Apple aren't but are happy. I've never been happy while eating a whopper read out now back but I think it makes her now wouldn't say apply now. Or commercial I think it's somebody I didn't like that spicy chicken CN wedge and comes out of there Ayers. That doesn't happen do you pay her she'd. I'm not here especially if you're looking where the steaming here. The problem that I think this woman has of their losses that these companies like what are we supposed to did can you imagine what would happen if say Starbucks. Poured coffee that is overflowed and a couple of your hand. Commercials like that no no I'm saying is healthy put too much chicken and someone in your burned and they're gonna sail so you have to it's a fine balance between safety and chicken chasing people who edict KFC would rather deal with burned hands are more chicken. Then let's stick that is not true and I like can't see I would have gone there but if I found out that I was gonna end up having never skin graft because I was in the mood for chicken like American ago. I'll tell you my best interest in mind I think I'll tell you why it. I saw a dog food commercial ones an app or the dog ate the food it's smiled. And abide by the F Ing dog food and guide dogs don't start smiling at me a better bring that company Dan yeah. Every man had. Big Mac that was weird properly re right Greg red meat meat meat. Commercial everything seems proportionate and like 10% bread 10% paddy tempers Atlantis 10% tomato looks like a graph today and you get. Just from ocean. It's just my bush that it's delicious monster sure that's not eat it but it happens. Because it's not an equal proportion. Like it is in the picture you I will you can only know you you can't do it doesn't look pretty. I got right hand he isn't easy to start suing for one. Any time you ask the grass and the drag and you're at home and you realize they didn't do their job giving you everything you paid aren't running. So. I might pay bring I don't have money yeah on board that. And by McDonald's and I just like yeah I'm gonna its new book that I didn't love it there. Bet nobody when he million dollars the team and I did. Wakeup call 179. And.