Fights that End Relationships

Monday, August 27th

Amber Heard pooped in Johnny Depp's bed and that was the fight that ended it all; The Wake Up Call have listeners share their stories that ended their relationships: 

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7661065. What was the fight that ended your relationship. We like your stories 766 what a 65. For you can tell access to 73389. The reason we bring this up was we're finding out the fight. That destroyed the marriage between Johnny Depp in amber heard came down. Now I'm not making this up this will sit actual story that it had to deal with. Coop on a bed because. Johnny Depp is accusing amber heard. Of of going poop on their bad. Of because he was two hours late to her thirtieth birthday party even though she said non edited now that was the dogged. Well they have they I Yorkshire Terrier named boo. Which one of the housekeeper said this was way too being to be from the dock and then a huge fight exploded out of the a group on the bad. And that is why it's dissolved their marriage couple things wine. Amber heard is very beautiful. What isn't that may not beautiful enough okay. Does it. Cell but what a fun story for wide you guys break up. The ad that's round I actually asked Al wake up call listeners what are some crazy stories on why you broke up and for me I think the more Monday in the on year like this is just the straw that broke the camel's back program at such as like Johnny Depp sit around with his friends feel like you know fifty years from now because he'll still be alive yeah out of the wreckage. Genetically come out mobile like and why did you ever break up again oh. She boob dumb I bet you app on bet on bet that 7661. A six time you can text message 7339. You put this on feast again I sure did Rochelle said that she was dating a guy for a few months. And she looked out the kitchen window and from peeing in the back yard. And she goes mind you I have to working toilets and take a lot of pride and improving my backyard growing regarded him. And making it may enjoyable spades but he wanted to payback there for some reason that we broke up I mean does indeed nab that idyllic ice PO titled the time. You if you're saying that if you are shall and you saw a guy you were dating for a few months. He in the backyard. UN mile. Then instead of just coming in I didn't like how is he out here or did he tell you I didn't bathroom. And then walked outside I don't know they're both bad and it you know if this is. Far better. Standards are low the (%expletive) yeah. How true and now you are away from working too late paint a key is 100% certain. Oh yeah. Why would you think it's wrong what is one of fun. Is that that he wanted to name their child after his ex girlfriend. And after the baby was born they split up and now he's dating back girl again okay that's weird blue. Yeah here's some taxes 73389. Told him I took any disks ditch. Except one particular because they hated the smell of it he always requested that DA should pick and got a huge arguments if I ended a three year relationship. Now here's another. He wouldn't go by Damien new cars so I broke open it until we need to buy a new car final straw after four and a half years. So Sasha at this and might favor one I was a long distance relationship with a guy from Fiji. Off the bat OK the rosy future for you I don't either live of a ninety day beyond that is. He didn't understand why I would want a drink coffee midnight. I tried explaining it backs and a karma mocking god oh he's fed may get. Oh I said Starbucks makes the better he says you shouldn't drink coffee that late. We had to go out and about and I said you know we're gonna break up. Yeah fair where's the ball any carrots don't. And did did IBM mig and don't leave your house at midnight to go get copies. Month. And hurts. The longest truly just a follow. On the phone at and a lot of cool and by god he's concerned about her leaving the house but only PGA. That's we're not sure whose son bought the well and I don't broke it did turn out though that he peed. Yeah.