Find The Fake 11-7-16 2

Monday, November 7th

The Wake Up Call play a round of “Find the Fake” with Cosmo Magazine headlines for tickets to see G-Eazy & Lil Yachty...


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We're gonna play a game called find the safe if there's three headlines to a real one is against. You gotta find the fake do you sell and went K Gavin you guys are going to be playing along with our contestant Erica Erica ultimately. The final jazz is yours okay hang. Is Eric from Verizon bell and you find mistakes in these tickets for G easy Leone ready for this. Three headlines these are from Cosmopolitan Magazine over and over number twenty years guy's number one number one. Killer cocktail. How popular drink. Could kill you when your sleep. I had to pay for my own drink one woman's horror. Moon. And number three. The body shot that landed me in jail but launched by blogging career. To catch came into. I say yet to try to find the fake Gavin you go first this time what do you think again barricade we'll have a guess in the second to let them weigh in NC that they think. I had to pay for my own drink is absolutely your real article because that's the kind of person that read Cosmo. Not just were all one what is our. I go to go kill cocktail I also believe sound like you cons know. Article and it turns out it's not a killer or cocktail spoiler. I'm gonna go body shot and on. Man it just sounds like. It's just too interest in for Cosmo. Insisting that a body shot would lead to jail which would lead to a blog blogging career. Our all of that thousands dairy logical. And hey I'm gonna say that's definitely re all I'm saying. Any cocktail could be a killer cocktail if you had enough of that ray. Once and it was killer cocktail how a popular drink I kill you when you're slate one. I still think I am paid for my own drink one woman's car it's fate intact. Let's go to Erica. Now and then be they had no inside in this or just trying to guess. Of the 300 cocktails and best round drank nobody shadowlands. In jail which one do you think is the fake. Know very. Very. Number three the body my side that you and leading me to London and landed in jail. And K okay it's me that's a good move to a cocktail. How late popular drink could kill Ewing your sleep. Is real okay all right so we're down this casinos pay at the senior me. I had to pay for my own drink one woman's horror. The tensions got a ninth that one is. Also real. And good at this game. Actions Erika the body shot that landed me in jail the launch my blogging career. Not a real headline not even a real article not in Cosmo and after finding the fake DA's thousand -- easy to get with. Cheesy and friends that little yachting and adds a December 14 ORACLE Arena congratulations. And we be now as you say we can give you something Cosmo we have nothing like that and enjoy the show and show I was in say that to celebrate mark sometimes. Congratulations to you Gavin once again Katie. I'm sorry you found her I know. Dribble.