Find My Friends

Thursday, March 15th

Katie thinks this app is just for tracking a cheating boyfriend. 

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It's the wake up call. But Calcutta right into the scene issue where if you have an iPhone and you download a ton of apps on your phone sometimes forget all of the the apps that are in there but there are also some apps that are in your iPhone. Could come with it right. There's in iPhone app. App that Katie just recently discovered they were all we all know about it what it takes you song to discover the find my friends have. And say I have discovered it as much as somebody. My friend Gary at the gym and told me about it. He think of any reason why anyone would ever need some lessons for your like your kid didn't. Other than you think. Your spouse or is cheating on right. And doesn't like old Gary at the gym and even know that's how I mean my girlfriend have been on our fallen and I went yeah ha. OK let's stick a pin in that. I have told you about this app probably like I geared a half ago at least a year and a half ago he can. She. Won't. Still end unlock get there unlock it okay I'll bet. You'd still have my prayer request sitting in the. To hell with it. She the page and pages view of five pages on her iPhone and in one. Half on an. The other one. Do you have that she'd. Own an iPhone you can make different folders are perhaps she has 123456. Of them with one afternoon. Fraud the Potomac Timmy and just had the Dropbox. Which has not been updated to bury a long time I. My hair it's in there you can buy her one and only news out that's not even be a veteran finance. Money on miscellaneous. Host made and joy are both sports. I don't know abandoned I would really go motorcycle. And motor you know. They'd get muttered not only did she has one category that's just fun slash sports. You are an old boy you really believe my mother's own more organized. We're usually. A problem. There. Quite. Right ear. Improvement anyway. There sheer always okay. Now. Tell me where you aren't you I don't know where I'm at eighty aren't you know how to. Birth all right you would always lie and no you wouldn't tax write back and hours later and later it's like you'd text back. So so many alleged procedure and and certainly. How odd case this time it came time only guess. And why. It's and share my occasion out. Yeah it's. Yeah I do it's like deliberate Kerry's lead through a weekend. Rocking the baby to sleep at 8 PM on its charity night I like to go on ray the Wilmington Ohio that's okay. So. Take for you. That you think you gonna gee dad got a cool. They are right for friends that don't live in this area like libraries and Boston is out. As it's now back or let them. Oh and. He also did not approve it may not had anybody ever OK but I. Haven't who else is doing fine my friends that yeah. I usually also did to my dad and among the lead to see my parents got. Right over to Reno we know that our they are right or they dated a girl who lived in the Bay Area had that like any time that she would come into sack. How she alluded do you they've find my friends and I really don't have an idea why in dealing Adalius all permit. And then. Line now I can see my leg speed should have. Intersection that's right by our care I just look at the clock combat like oh yeah I did I care. Only. Yeah yeah you're good she you. You. Wanna crab apple over read because of the way I organize my iPhone. And this is the way you have fun. This is what people do. OK I mean everybody thinks everybody's cheating and that is the and. Doesn't that might bring you that when they going on line deeds in case something happens and we can know where they are glad that it is now. Luckily that's pretty Smart and AKA it's five. Aetna.