Fired For Farting

Thursday, June 14th

The Wake Up Call talk about a man that weaponized his farts at work:

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One of those things but again. This story is gonna sound so outrageous I'm gonna start it up just by reading the headlines. Is that pretty much sums it up. Car salesman manager hearted game coworkers office why attention is nibbles to reinforce dominance lawsuit sends will speak out. Texas. There is a sales bro culture Andy card dealership. It that every car dealership. Sales grow. And one of the employees there is suing his former boss in the dealership because what he called a sexually hostile work environment. The lawsuit says that the car sales manager. Wouldn't it nice and so far it's been repeatedly against other men subordinate inept fools day. Pitching and Apple's okay I totally got I couldn't figure out how. Starting in Dublin office and you'd be sued for that. Can you please explain me weaponized of art I think again it matches on the same side. I mean we knew I guess when you directed at somebody. If you. It did you like aggressively and then make it clear what you're doing yeah listen. I was the boss is that sales manager yeah. I would never call myself an outlaw I'm not an alpha. You're absolutely in India and I really yeah yeah yeah well I wouldn't consider myself. How about that. I have no idea why you think should happen. Anyway so let's say that I'm an out. Alpha. Then I have to say. I think this strategy would work on me in yeah I think that this strategy would demean me I think it would make me feel subordinated. Opt I think it would I think it would ruin my self esteem. If somebody pinch my nipple and aggressively fared in that me and that's. Hard slog. I want to say Obama yes I like for instance we just we're not that long ago we got a brand new big boss in the building. So he took us around like each each of us he wanted to get an Ellis one on line and had two meetings and stuff like that. Let's say for instance the way that meeting blade out is the first time I meet him I'm sitting in his office because Gavin. Go on and shut the door. And I shut the door and goes sit down and then as. I sit down he just stared right my base doesn't say anything. And then I smell foul odor. And then I go well I'm legal face because yes you smell that. That was the you remember that. I don't feel like. Okay. I'm that would that would stick it might subcontinent. Every time. I had to go to all that's like a Mike hunt and in. Again part of me can't and that lets say like the parting wears off and then he moves on to pitch into the line rippled. It. Yeah. I know what do you really yeah. I sell out on the. Idea of cicadas question and how this could be weaponized missiles on the actual petition filed in the 212 district court it's said. He reinforced dominance over his subordinate inspired regularly entering their closed offices intentionally passing gas and then lap. Laughing as they are forced to breed this oil error. And I. I mean he should suit he should be fired because this tactic. It seems inhumane. Seems like obviously the nipple pillaging. There's no Egan denied that but like I couldn't you just say. Yeah. Okay at some. Had food for lunch focus that would be work organizing it. Let me once and it goes like hey. You've been fired get your employees no for real like. I have I yet yes or something. So I guess you could say that defense of course there's no. Defense like in the go for aggressively and she and other now and you know they didn't like wind. Wind. I just. We call fruits and greens were record I prefer that yeah they'd cheat you out god ever brits. I. Am that senator like he's the truth again mean audiences say is. And tights Tom I mean either way this is gonna set some sort of legal precedent. If he gets off awesome they're going to be allowed to the far right in their employees if he doesn't get off it's gonna make. Party in the office very uncomfortable for people and yeah.