First Thing You Eat at Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22nd

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about what the first thing they eat at Thanksgiving dinner:


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We can call here's a very simple question employment and where it's already Thanksgiving and the foods out there what's the first food you put your mouth and its first food you taste and whatever is easiest to dig into prime mashed potatoes. Katie. It used to be staffing from eBay he needs any more solid. And the national you know it's. 17% of people say mashed potatoes is the first thing made that summer took a 47%. Beat the stuffing. I think our principles can manage one of those smell eat something all guessing right as an arises that what he has say Turkey is like third annoys people don't go right for the turn. Did you come get a mechanic I'm thinking oh I know you. Member and more like it before but like. Like okay. I know it makes me sound fat but I don't think I'm alone. But on a meal like things get really any meal if there's something that's going to require brute force. End to end time like cutting something. Beyond what fluid in my mouth while you do it. Right it's okay I ears saying so you what kind of bike. Hi it's kind of like if you. If you're gonna go on vacation and then you while wherever you're laying over it's gonna be to be kind of tropical as well you're not quite to the may peanut. To the main point yes I have never done that nor had that thought however yes. Buckeyes put guys should all be an adventure. Duke what is and then I myself delicious food while I'm cutting food. Now what does and what does that Third World country that seems wrong in feels wrong real strong. Is wrong I'm looking Dennis last year you know if it's a southern rim might be dinner roll I attic for some you know just keep I think it's time waiting for the food shop every show her look fat well enough this is the crazies on 1% of people surveyed 1% of people surveyed say the first thing they eat. And Thanksgiving dinner. I'm comply. That's ver son he can I fight against those people missed out pumpkin pie once and vowed to never never had a good. I never and let me eat a doesn't the first series hinges whenever I want at Thanksgiving than food allergy sensitivity. That's added. Hi I'm Dave did we know and he has because I feel like like it's two things given the ultimate cheap day I you know how I'm Celia disease people feel hey I have so much simpler cheaper. Anybody was the food allergy or sensitivity at this point except the good news for you as you can eat anything so it's not like I didn't meet some things people with silly act disease always have to have their disgusting food like also prepared rally put on a special table. But my guide because you know in their employees and like every like I had I tell my mom might. You can eat is butter EP AE is Mel milk because I have dairy problems now he's he used just say you know any kind of rock that's going to be a problem. This whole I think Jason how about I know I had special note to married k's mom right now. Let Katie eat whatever she wants to don't make any special food but just designated bathroom her battle okay my problem is not that I get. Dire react yeah. Yeah he's I didn't really like to stop witness lie I ate it makes me depressed and sleepy and I now all eyes are on. His line makes you depressed this week he went on. As. I could and we just don't current sniffing people's plates in making an inside you dying now. Is healthy again. Graham I do the cigarettes. Still this rule. You both I believe it is their sewing cigarette unless your promise just now I use mostly out here that would whatever but the problem now maidan Moline my mouth I do I've said that before I think we've come. Tell me don't tell your uncle or how to if you do. What is leading the. And.