Five In A Row Pokemon Go

Monday, July 11th

Listeners call in and are given different Pokémon names some are real and others are fake. Can they tell which are real for some State Fair tickets...

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I have a wakeup calls 107 and the and they understand this Pokemon. I've never been pulled. They're the ones. My belt. I was told us who have life. And as well as in my single. Any Aaron and boom boom boom I'm used to heed to this game has cost five Euro Pokemon ago. Okay and here's how it's gonna work we have emea first Amy. All right so I helping us a bit of Pokemon. I don't crave my daughter or aren't perfect perfect our seniors are gonna gonna go through a list of character names are or their Pokemon right. And and you did tell me if they're Pokemon or if they're six and ten to reappoint him under a signal to Iran. Once I made out DS five and around and he did you get these Kelsey turn to does not you get any wrong and thank. Any point we'll continue to enlisting keep taking call to we you do if Henri has all this guy whose parents are the first one. You tell me if it is really Pokemon or if it's a state snore lacks Pokemon or state. Procurement. That is right. I'm number two. Rao as a war. Rhetoric and Brad as a war. And he has Sarah move on time next line next senator caller call 7661079. Is a 1000000 from second morning. Or let's go with this one here toughen policies and uphold team honor that a fake. Fake is correct the this next slide that's one. We easing. Wheezing Pokemon or fake. Need to answer three to go to our. OK we got to move fast here Lincoln town. Three right now is he getting answers from some Yasser playing with somebody else right. Now I'm darn alert parents went you just real quick mr. Jindal. That is correct and electric buzz elect abuzz. About rod. That's that's that's. No you Pokemon. And you never come on now you wagers. I'm probably. Believe. Is that what it's 5050 and it's not bad hearted hard yesterday. I was trying oak face on Friday told me that an intern Kevin boring here talking about how. There was a really rare Pokemon but it was only in New York City and they were paced. Because they were like all over got to go to New York City began this sure seems unfair I was trying to tell that story to a friend of mine who earn my brother's boyfriend who's a big Pokemon guy. And he's like or which one was New York. And I was like I I made. I don't know ball bark bark bark bark bark than markets are barred resorts Marcus war. Pickle a whole lot got. Apple lack black bar and I can't like what's which isn't guys. In the cemetery and does which is the one they're going to go and your city for this is all. Why isn't there a blessing or a former US cars. Erica I'm I'm here. Matter which one is it I've broken while we wait for them to come on in I am hesitant cal state fair take as we're getting give you cal state fair tickets good Friday night put the wake up call we're gonna be out there. On July 16 this Saturday from ten till noon okay the grassy area by the main gate very specific so. Hang on enjoy the enjoy the n.'s cal state fair tank. Hang on and none of Pokemon is in New York City that you guys were talking about when and which one is a meal still you. Oh okay. Matter gamut of new media and not be young pronouncement does he dragged him remember our motto last year. It was me trying to remember something canyon and Pokemon characters are ridiculous is. But we need to move to Australia now in Australia if he does on a captain one now you guys gonna go go hop of Hubble flight is that why is down. I'm back into those around the world so everyone gets a chance to catch it it's currently in Australia are really not every one and that's and that's moist Mori to. What do you do if you not Harden. I thought I was illiterate one. Seven.