Flying With Kids

Monday, February 12th

New statistics prove how many parents do not travel because of being ashamed by those without kids. 

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This is my knee and got. It's the wake up call to the suggesting that parents. About 600000. Of them. Are being ashamed by travelers. On bringing kids on flights so they've avoided flying with kids altogether. And they said one of the biggest issues actually was breastfeeding. Are harrowing. An issue that's. It is does seem kinda like a little. Annoying to bring it really small kid on a plane that has the potential accident like cry okay. It's sad and scared to report and gave 250000. Adults say they've avoided flying with their children for the past five years into 18%. Of these adults. Worked hold to manage their child's behavior by other passengers. That's terrible every millionth. Gap until the story about how when you guys are flying across the country. With with the warned auto not honor. O'Connor our first flight with a baby I love the idea on you guys packed. Little zip Loc bags of like ear plugs in her you know I'm glad the solemn note that says this is my first rights which was that super cooling courteous but like. What do I flew to North Carolina for a few a few weeks ago. It would for like a solid hour and half of three hour flight like there was a cute couple rows and that was just. Not happen. And it was. Again it like sometimes because of the air pressure in the key aides you know it used to it and you'll be painful for Adam and sometimes. Kids are eggs costs and X prior sometimes kids just cry. If you think you're having a bad fly guess is having a worse flight that knew the parent to that kid throw in need have a little bit of sympathy I'm sorry that your life is going to be. Annoyed or inconvenience for the next hour to. Maybe five but that's very light. So they. They got that all the time. Sleep when you went to this funeral. You love hearing the sound a baby cry right but it's. Were you upset why so upset. Just do you think like. But was saying I thought that they'd the idea of the Gavin had of giving the little goody bags out I thought that was. A good idea I needed it should be done more work okay. Arm but do you think they'll like me be. Yes in this kind of goes along with led this article like I want to shame people of not taking their kids on eight that's happening right elbow what I'm saying is like BB. We need a little longer. You mean like the kid is old Kirk writes from elbow and back in the game like smoking on an airplane used to be huge stingray got to realize that well not only is it bad for the person that smoking but it's got her. Everyone everyone on the plane. Do we have a crying baby is it bad for everybody know. Everybody at the men wanted to know. Seek ways that mayor. It's easy equally as annoying I guess I. I'm just secondhand crying or not. Everybody that's flying with a young child. Is that. Going to Turks and K 'cause for vacation or paid like I might do you slowed in Southern California and an analyst like. More months old I flew with just turn it was a she and I shoot Southern California so that. She might. Or should spend time with my dad he could spend with her and laden. If you like and it's an important thing herb families too ill and so we flew five hours. I had to. If you choosing masri and the and you should loosen travel with a bunch of other people you can't control the situation. And it's not always going to be pleasant. Sorry totally understand you get him I know Rainier not somebody who's like a super outspoken person but there are people out there that are super light. All of this at and BB right on life. He had some delight that's like. Have all really great life. Do you get to go. From your house to wherever you go low with no annoyances in your life because that's when my life works out I ignored by. Everything good. That's a drought. Yeah and other ways you can be I know what either on the plane. Better actually I think. Worse than a cry baby because you always control. Whether your baby's cry you're not a fight. Early to know if you're babies and I cry and to fight for example some on the chooses not to put on. There are going on a plane. They know they're smiling. They showed not to put. Yeah great boy it might keep Mike Shaw and he can't help whether or not he who in his pants. You're grownup and you smell like you pooped in your pants let's. All of not shame even though with. We adult all grade I hate flying with smell your bill it's what's next on the wake up call. We got that they Katie grandparents had nine or more of every single thing in their house. Call the show this sounds like he's 7661065. What do you have multiple items up in your house that you totally don't mean we can Texas 73389. We'll tell you what was he gave his grandparents' house and take your calls next at 840. 1065. The end.