French Fry Challenge 7-24-18

Tuesday, July 24th

There is a French Fry Challenge where people get blindfolded and eat french fries from different restaurants and they have to guess which ones:

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All my yeah. Eat fried eggs because they yelled makes me gag. Kevin is with us this morning to morning intern Kevin. DeMarre. But he series blindfolded injured Kevin is blind pulled the reason why we haven't blindfold is because. As an it thing going around calling the French fry a challenge correct yes I so what does the French fried challenge intern Kevin so you're supposed to get a different Fries from different places and then they have to gas which try as firm which plays. And if you take gas all of that Europe absolutely fried master. Now I do need to practiced this before we do what we have Fries from five different places. And if there's anybody that I've ever met in my life that is the fast food expert it is ever. I'll take that as a compliment it's six different place six plays are allowable salary and isn't it that's why the French fried shallow and I love NASA. Now Kevin do you think you're gonna be good or bad. 100% we'll get everything right Kelly wow I can't aren't so you can't you've laid out the French Fries in front of intern Kevin on the studio countering here correct and underneath all of bomb are the names of what the Arab places are the these came from yes. So okay. Seoul will start at number one Kevin. And certainly tell he's going a lot or should we keep track of a letter I got it wrong or right side like a suspense of by him just telling us a multi element the end kind of feeds you haven't I have had our battle an editor for our young French right to rely on the French right eligible we can call left. Burn them quite true with your mouth hoping and I'm getting good taste didn't rain. Me this says coliseum. You change I am certain yes. Mcdonalds and came out that half their taste okay hit me yourself French tri challenge I'll see you eating. Connect. Me not at fault Steve and I came back in the crunchy and now after days. Pop buys OK. Number three I'm gonna break my talents on the wake up call a gay. Well like this so heart oh and I eat a full work not all of that. But his zest to the Koch junior its calving gets any of these right here so I haven't got anywhere I. OK I don't know Gavin and good net hump now. Our game for you Friday for. Mom. Every president fed to him surprises in Cuba and yet he was expecting a fight it out now to of this crying the whole can't taste it. It it's weird. But you do you are you didn't really shove it in my mouth aggressively. OK I got it and I changed my aunt Sarah. You have seven the number this is Carl's junior. Okay so what was the last one belt line and I say Garcia yes that was Jack in the Box. And right yeah I am ready by de Beers right number five let's try challenge Emily to let all Claremont Pallet. This is five but this is and there are regained it tastes just say hey that's fraud this. Yeah. Okay. I want this to be Jack in the Box OK you wanna change my Jack in the Box in there by a number three. Well at number three you said it was Jack in the Box are you not let's just dropped everything now Johnston one I just AS top fives. Oh my god Kevin on my. They have a number that I act that they hold and. Shuttle Melinda. And make sure you have enough the desert bonfire. I have I have relax. I cannot run a baptism qualified definitely OK got it all right it's the French right challenge on the way to crawl I see he allowed. Number one that does is just a lot Kevin's guess was McDonald's is a cry. During pragmatic thinker active in my room. I wouldn't all right French fried challenge number two Katie he said pop buys. Is dragged amber can't. Burger King once yeah that's a good guy good ever played joystick is by number three KBI he crossed 79 different answers so. I. In the back. That was actually McDonnell room. Number of all. I don't I actually don't remember what you. Don't like that he he he said Carl's junior well okay and that was in and out. And yeah. Kevin a number of and hold on there's still hope number and I more laps I saw the last one I got right pop buys you number five he said Jack in the Box. He was current. How do these. Members beset I'm what I thought it was time and and I don't. Until they came all fast then again. I expected more I got given the cabin for even getting 206. You know. I mean that's why it's college challenge it's not. V I mean you still use still did better than most people yeah and I am proud of your yeah. You should be proud of yourself am I am proud but you should also eat less fast yeah yeah. Also I got to know the hall meant UN outlook data that's true has got to prepare for the birchard chow and I thought 165 B and.