French Phrases For Rayne

Friday, August 11th

Rayne gets some help from the Wake Up Call for his Europe trip:


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So for the first time ever I have the opportunity to go to Europe. Amazing Dominique fly out on that Saturday. The media. Our guys as somebody's been near your luck you come back changed person and that's not rhetoric. What are the things that my parents have always told me actually might buy dad a lived in Holland for a year he did yeah he was in the peace course we lived in South America fir year. One of the things that parents have always told me as. If you have the opportunity to go to another country. Always don't always tell especially now not being married I don't have any kids still now's the time than I except for Australia the flights to long and basically America. It's a real. They're like twenty hours just to hear people speak English here. I've still but what are the things that what way. Butcher this trip has actually booked at last fall Ford god this coming week mom I guess it didn't really realize that. I know nothing on how to speak French because I'm going to Paris I'm going CU Italy England roaming the floor that are not to speak Italian. I shouldn't let us on this since she started. Figuring this out well okay mom really French say no I learned from a lady Marmol on songs are her. Yeah get that plus this idea that she needs and. I think idiots let's put together into easily to OK I've got to with hello I'm Christina Aguilera. I. Dev and I want you to help me I'm Joseph my pleasure. I think that we blacked out on the teachers and friends here and so one thing that we've left out is that rain is going alone. He is desperately yet here by himself when I begin very cool very gutsy I think it's weird gutsy for sure. Weird and we may not ever see him again this sort of like many men. I will become that. Someone's prisoners are on my instead Graham lane are a lie any wakeup call I posted up there like him go to Europe this week what are some things I should know an enemy like the hide comments were. We've seen the movie take him. It's possible yeah. OK okay. So we're gonna practice some French phrase this OK that I think you're gonna be helpful for you who were traveling through Europe by yourself OK first logged. Proving who opponent in an effort to. Who were laid boo putt a mob spoke to I got pretty you got some Spanish and their. That's pretty close okay that is please take my photo. I have no one to take you show you the southeast check I do not should I invest in my backpack LE es a to summon anyone of those cheesy. Thoughts are and France with a good judge that's self he's. Can't ask. What are they haters your next one I next when Helio needs a knee that doomed. Midday Nemo earned on the ball more time it's meant that mean that dorm. Needs a name that dome didn't men's then near the unknown and he meant tons of men. I'd I need ms. MEPs or does the dollar by daylight. And this is what this is Fraser Jurgen in need to tell every single person that you meet at a bar or a discotheque. Who is my friends are expecting me. Men then name adult men then in another adult to amend the human though. Environmental. Measures wouldn't allow it did didn't. Ed de de de I. I did they need to be a dead idea dead not a bad guy good that's help help help. Yeah dead OK I'd actually. I think is dead is dead satellite big guy brother and Ricky Bobby the French guy I did little. These. JK Jay you have friends are valid aka that's I've hidden the evidence. Her complete. I know a lot of the blood money here is my friends will come looking at me and he got tough this we covered that my friends are expecting that I'm sad that got this. This what is probably the most the most important one got. New initiative that is sexist. In Nim and implement this zigzags. For this one you need to shout at the unity values sex now. And this is her. Name don't explain me.