Gabe's Good News 2-13-18

Tuesday, February 13th

Producer Gabe joins The Wake Up Call to share some good news.  


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The way so 165 C and our producer gates your morning producer gave good morning sir producer Gabe. Decided to come to us is that guys have a great idea what do we do gay was good news and especially considering the landscape of some of the things that happened in our world. There's always good to find some good news it's happening in world. The sweetheart yeah are on the hunt for positive story. So I think you you really serve a very valuable corporate like onkyo you have this feel like the world is lacking some love right now and. Newton cocaine and that there's some truth there. So he got RI a Florida couple. Ruth and lead time this year I think it is we're out inspecting damage from hurricane Irma who they had a home in Key Largo. And they found it on message in a bottle. From the 1980. Old pop and the message inside said it was you're learning about pirates we would like to see how far this message goes he's right in helens where you found the bottle. We are class to thirteen chapel Park School and gifts on lane so that message in a bottle traveled. Over 4000. Miles to get to Florida that is key. Let's and since that school is closed. You look they closed it down and ran out of money that's that's part of its OK okay. Yeah if you found a message to the bottom. Wouldn't you kind of want it to be something a little more like oh my god like a love letter to someone the or somebody like written by school children Katie tell adorable does that get Scott. Children right what makes me even more magical. Right. Like I ports are getting a little accent. That's I. Know something like. My we are separated by a full 1000. Miles succeed in anything like that. It's illegal waiting. Us I think like them. Other person never found that letter and their dad they never reunited it's not a downer right. It's gotten much more uplifting to know that it was just the clock is Fineman. I did games get news which an extra. It has been a little over a year since Jordan Kahane first found to helpless little puppy siblings on the side of the road in Arizona. And it has been an unforgettable adventure ever sing. Because Kahane is a freelance digital director he travels a lot for work. So he was driving through okay he found the puppy now. They were dehydrated. And they were in horrible shape so he tipping to the bag on the rehydrated got shots. And each mobile world. And Lil mattress. In his car they can sleep well Matt is the desire. So Q do it but the way he travels around the world are not the country I know a guy in the world decided marks definitely I. I mean he's freelance digital director which is a really nice way to say I'm an end to grandpa Bob. I didn't look at as NC Graham and his dogs are pretty yeah. I'm not Michael Black dog. Do that that I don't know who. Wouldn't leave little puppies in the desert I mean maybe this is that's good news because that's the kind of world we live and where people can abandoned. And they'll know where all right. Debbie downer. Harsh good yeah. That we forget what browsing up by glass when games get news. A Wisconsin girl was killed hero after her quick thinking saved her grandmother's life and he Smith is sent in and she was in. The car with her grandma and her. And asserted breathing really fast. And so her grandma pulled over. And then passed out and so the girl called 911 right away and said hello my grandma can't breathe they sent people right outside her. And she was hailed a hero because of her quick thinking. And even when she was getting all this praise from everywhere and she said everybody did their part of the emergency. Instead the jury president is she. Would agree and Tom I don't know. I think old people don't. And. I would be freaking out seven I just be crying sitting there not knowing what well you are not running for president like this little girl well that's right and I don't plan and you think the her mom never letter writer and I again older moms on the picture. Like she was what the grandmother. Really why do you know so much about the stories that I found was abandoned on the side of the road and air.