Gabe's Good News 2-20-18

Tuesday, February 20th

Producer Gabe joins The Wake Up Call to discuss some good news. 


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It's a wake up call 1065 the end our producer Gabe is your morning gay and good morning it is time for games good news this is where gave that goes to the news defined. Some uplifting news stories for us will be deference that's right more heads up I've been not since all morning so I'm gonna. Harness the power of positive thinking it's not still not since the and trying to feel better data. PL I don't know I woke up and I felt super nauseous I'm sorry. The best anyone ever told me they. At that yeah. Job well ten years ago pennsylvanians. Finley lost their black Labrador mix the I can't think yeah they. If she ran away from their home after some time went by they assumed she hit the way blue shirt ten years ago. But this year and they got. Stuck but she was ten miles outside of their town since she got ten miles outside of where this. What did she did Doug been doing and Roman. Another band grappling and they're story like this I am happy the pet owner that they got their pet back. After ten years. Or any more your pet has been living with somebody else or let's even give the benefit of the doubt eight years were two years it was just lay it on the street somewhere. Here's. Somebody else is pat who had the longer gets to keep the packed all these people are doing is getting their pet with enough time to watch it time. I. Here it is may be good dog Olympics. Is the blogs gonna live twenty years when you're on the front ten of them back to add. And I. I want me. My age 68 was good news does yup a boy with autism who loves the military had a special birthday visit from a a feud so there isn't that happened right here in Sacramento all these nine years old his name is Riley he loves the army he loves police so his mom. Pass them to come in the whole community gathered around him. Put this fund birthday party party together and they. Played like nerve war there are really you mania and so he is literally like playing with real life soldiers call her old. And pretty pretty you'd experience could you imagine if that was true weakened just. It's like ice this was just using nerve guy or he got and it was just a normal he got to be so great. Like T get seriously like you are hit with a nerve bullet you're you're trying to go about. Yeah I don't sneak in in the different in the different guardian must do you think you know he thought. And instantly and he like stopped and gotten that. I doubt last lined games can easily do that and I dismembered and brown. Hi Taylor La yeah okay good news for history about let him and I'm not I'm sorry. I let. A lot of George Washington's chair has been discovered in an eighteenth century but I'd in new York College strands of hair that big date back more than 200 years were found in. Union College in their library. And the strands are from George Washington's re there to pay not win a blank you kind of being which Sherrie where the case they hair had. This short strands of hair which were found lips together in tied with the white piece of thread were discovered by. Somebody catalog didn't sell off okay and it appears that they were given as things get so they were in it was in a little envelope in it. Was dated 1870 ones so it was given to someone as a gift. In eighteen OK when put in this book. Should we clone George Washington. That's a good idea clone people from their hair there's enough DNA and hair question. We. George Washington like old George legend injured or what does he knew George wouldn't be old George Washington. NA OK we'll put him in like Nikes I mean yeah. Mikey is from the time I mean it's not. Can't it's not like it would be a time machine okay so we basically get a baby George Washington. Ill raised baby George Washington anyway that we want B I'll play we can play god he loves granola and begin lifestyle and I had that we can race. No I don't wanna we didn't baby George Washington tad and then when he grows we have kind of an idea of what George Washington looked like he. He would be raised them like a lifestyle I for tunes corn syrup and you know eatery. It would be very important in this scenario is that you have to have the right person. Raising baby George Washington and what about Tom Hanks. Some house Colin Hanks seems a little dice sometimes right actually donning themes like a lovely human being looked while he never returned my uncle. He urged stricter him.