Gabe's Happy Place

Friday, December 28th

Gabe found the happiest place on's the Warmart Market on Madison ave. He says he's never felt so welcomed and friendly:

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1065 the end of the. The way. This game is in your good morning Chris your game good morning so producer gives being here for about six months and he came in here the other day and told us. He finally found the happiest place on earth. Not Disneyland mountain but here in Sacramento. Threat poke ready. Well it is the Wal-Mart neighborhood market on Madison avenue right down the street from here. Why yeah I have never been to a place that is so well. I mean it's so full of joy eight. I'm Erin and I never brought me so much joy are you being sarcastic not at all I not only does. That song that's true. I'd go in and consider lying. He says is meaningful. I go in there people are smiling. You know if you bring your card up people be like. Back card thank you so much wonderful day at the warmer down and yeah it's amazing the people who work there are super friendly last time I went in there this old lady. Told me that I was adorable. Cheerleader or is another are there she's worked there and another time. Some lady who told me she was originally from Yugoslavia. Where they're okay she was pretty fun look at. What major fine we'll her accent I. Also told me what would pair well with the wind that I was buying the Wal-Mart had us all he cares nothing and oh yeah it's a B. It's off I every time I leave there I just feel like Indian had the best stage ever and that's the type of feeling you wanna get. I'm running just a regular air you have to go to the store right why not why not it habit be magical. Shoots. Have to oldest recently that you really having trouble making for. And not where you don't. Until Wal-Mart neighborhood market people are starting to become in your mind or fret. Well there my not my friend yeah. I don't what he's talking about and don't let her make fun of view it's not friends but it's not not friends. Way to put it it's like and friends yes exactly to your friends that are nice to everyone and you're not special. Special but to that they hope finished their demonized everybody. Nice to everybody but they're an extra nice to gave the cut and PI. Does. Is there niceness and get them into a flower of that great right. Now I saw and the I am thing where that was coming from he's spoken many times. About then girlfriend that really is there oh yeah this is how much. They say he really is developing yet. Relations him. Well who hate to be night. And being. Out grow star equivalent of a strip par one oh yeah. You sit down around people that are good people do you know how I know what they're good people need and I. Getting all your local. Be played at my local happy plays the railways. Pros well well they what they treat me with respect their very nice to meet when I walk and where he'd just 'cause the two don't like human and. Actually it's I'm you don't know you love my. Card yeah. But yeah AJ Cady uses. I guess what it's like to talk to know he'll be lying person friendly he went brain and Murray street now we talked how his sister is the crap that he. They now. Is. Like now it's all. Kids not rain what are you tell me about your friend that. Hershey store IA I don't have friends say playing in midtown. Denied schooling argument issues and we appreciate and not look at me just look at me right now I guess we are saying just because. Then eight holes and then now. Value human interaction like UN IQ we go we. I can say hi to people ma'am we are genuinely interested in what they do though it sounds like it's to meet your clothes dot your idea prayed to make a human connection and yeah. Aren't paid to be nice to use their paid to. Checked out your groceries. Being nice is something they do extra because they're nice people. I'm customer serve good customers are. Being a good person and a big in the world a better place where the sunshine in this world game Newton had. Are closer together than we are further apart that's true and and Katie I am disappointed did you rain I'm not surprised. Yeah yeah.