Gavin and Rayne Joke Off 2-16-18

Friday, February 16th

Listen to this week's "Gavin & Rayne Joke Off" to find out who wins this week: 


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Are fighting tradition continues at present to you more. Gavin in re aimed at. A. They're yeah. They'll. At the beginning but this is Gavin a ranger got to do it every Friday. He laughed yeah. I dimming found we were terrible thing real about. I'd so as it push for everybody you know since you'll Fordham and bonds are this giant trophy was still on the line was in the camera. I'd say every Friday we need gad jokes back and forth there's one rule you laugh you lose as you can see Gavin is the reigning joke off champion this door you and your DeVon thirteen. Graying swells. Who will take home the victory today. We don't know yet there's part of me that hope did not mean because. It's such a big heavy trophy it's all those burdensome but like real fast gonna get a shout out. Odd mania is the wife of my good friend grants she shot me out FaceBook message and said and I quote. Green told their daughter Macy. C'mon mace time for bed I have to get up early tomorrow and her response was not yet I need to watch Gavin in range joke off. She and I shoot at least five Ers all my god that's special message to her. And don't sass your parents. And keep up the more you know I got there hearing about the effect perfect I JD does first avenue ranger got. Why did teenage girls only time travel tears and being in an odd number. I don't know because they can't even. What's the difference dream broccoli and bloggers. What. Kids don't eat broccoli. And I just got back from a trance is convention. And my arms tires. OK Ivan addiction to cheddar cheese. Adding it's only mild. I love those were the setup is so good doesn't it. You know why you can't use beat still has a password. It's not stroke off. I love shirt off. Why sometimes I tuck my knees in in my chest when they leaned forward. Now that's a stellar role. In. Re single showed you can never cut my knees off you know why why they asked me joint effort. What do you call someone that's immigrated to Sweden. What an artificial sweetener. There. This is top secret. This is bottom secret. Next. As prop humor loved the Carrot Top. How do you locomotives here. How during their engineers. What did the astronauts beyond today. Shea when he proposed to her in open outer space. Adamant she said. Space the back he'll be back. Thankfully nobody would hear what you call a beat that comes from America. What I US beat. I do not US feel like into the computer. The US but why did that come from America. Instead of a US aid to US beat them on anything electronic it wouldn't come from where there aren't a is my wife of outings to my garden and now you know lots. The plot thickens. Problem unless I got an I figures are great. Thanks K what's the difference between a weird rabbit and a sporty rabbit. What. One's a bit funny. The others a fit but you. It's. A look and I got lea top secret. It says Gavin thirteen where we are. Throw. That do not throw. It's OK I got. 20 all right. Have him. Yeah. I think he it will be great job we have. Creature I'm like well like I. Think it. I'm not clap and do we hobbled out of under the bed or any of this actually. Wake up call listeners can text joke this 73389. To see the video today's Gavin and rain joke off. You and wish me congratulations. Congratulations. Buddy thank you I appreciate that. So wake up call and here's what's.