Gavin and Rayne Joke Off 2-23-18

Friday, February 23rd

Listen to this week's Gavin & Rayne Joke Off and find out who is going to win:


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Wake up call. One or 65 the end. Right time every single pride. Trent Lott Gavin and praying children. And you know. They still don't just tell him. OK. Okay. Every Friday. Dead jokes back and forth we thought DeVon arrange joke gone and we live my life I don't mean. Someone who practicing hitting the post. This rights Noah knows that means you'll learn that one day rank and I actually don't think that was an example that that's. That's right so why. If you're keeping track at home let us remind you of the score it is Gavin. And you've seen that role trying to. And as you can see last week from my victory I have pulled the trophy over TV good sound a little Lola you didn't pull it I threw we did pro. Couldn't throw it and if whoo man. Paula I just I just want it on the record that I am not a part of what ever that thing pre. Listen if fight just so happen to lose today not gonna happen but if I do on I'm not going to throw it again and OK but what are you gonna. I can only hope he has erected a very elaborate water slide. At this sort of catapults them. As always you can watch the video of Gavin and range joke got you can just text the word joke to 73389. Rated ago Chevy goes first championed as gophers Syria Pressman. What do you get when you classic caterpillar was apparent why. A walkie talkie. Yeah. Did you hear about the restaurant on Mars. Needs that was good but the atmosphere was so great home. I did the math book looks so sad why is full of problems saw. How do you measure a sneak. Them in meters they do not have feet. I don't instant. What do you call eight pirate R&B singer. What are her gal IE. Maine I'm shocked you allowed your GO. You know what it's cold when you put it Cowell unskilled. Now raising the stakes. It's our begins. What do you dyslexic zombies eat. You did this one I N. I didn't do what. They should judges rule enough I'm. And I know some Cassie from sector that was that was funny. On the good to do that Alan no he didn't brains one and you didn't rain boys do mediate in the I don't have brains were OK okay. When you rearrange the letters of the post men you know what you get income of that stuff post man. Don't get me into the letters a gap of post men right they deliver letters and we've. Gavin did you know people in Dubai don't like at the Flintstones. Now. The end but the people in. Bob and dot BD you know behind her Papa doc I'm. Paying yet but am I know I'm not old habit yeah. No I don't get it and did she know I was. I get it from. I didn't notice my wife was wearing new perfume and now she's mad at me. I just do all it just doesn't make sense to me and. I screwed and add you know as usual. Still joke I don't want to and I laughed and a bear walks singled guards. Cameo whiskey. And I cola. Bartender says. Why the big applause. He says I don't know was born with these. Danica modular blue Mountain Dew it do you let it comes on the clay and this group that joke up I. I have big you're supposed to I like. And then her ice. Whiskey. It all and I didn't even notice that. Kind of storage does water use. And benefit the wild. Com. Gavin I just sent the worst checks to my girlfriend Ruth. Told we should break up. Thank you still get Hatfield said. I want you to have a girlfriend. Oh that's yeah I don't know. Lap that was so. How do you have anybody did I like the first when you were to like I have a girlfriend I don't know what it. I'm a resident who lives there in the truck and I don't know how well plugged big dinner tonight. Belies the divers Asian will be. Boring yeah all right so now beast or is DeVon thirteen rain. Seen him. On Gavin and rain joke off congratulations. We just today I am a soft and I know mentally stressed that we are now you can judge summer joke any time to 73389. For the video of Gavin and rain joke.