Gavin and Rayne Joke Off 4-20-18

Friday, April 20th

Here's another round of Gavin & Rayne Joke Off, find out who comes out on top:


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065 the end yeah. It's our Friday tradition we college avenue and were. So Joseph Johns Joseph Johns Joseph Johns. And like that wasn't it. Concern they know I love the visit Jerry and Elaine Jerry god in their life. I heard the big Bob and out of Vladimir. Haven't gotten a plus plus plus death and I get intense yeah. And ten sport in my week. Duly considered free work out before a joke off her I didn't really like the format and it. Is a banned substance that I'd be the judge of the joke of all. It's definite ring Judd cop we do it every Friday dad jokes back and forth there's one rule you laugh you lose let us remind wake up call listeners thus far. Is Gavin sixteen. For the the and then I hope that what I do dig believe you still fail with the theme through the wilds. Are ice you laugh he lives. Championed as first. You are socks with holes in them. Know. How he got to put a mind. Game. Yeah and the coolest guy at the hospital. I don't know the ultrasound again I don't know who takes over when he's on vacation this year. The hip replacement guys have caught up with it seemed like it simply a cheap shot they had to go together they didn't. What do you Cole a pregnant woman. I don't know a bodybuilder. Name to Windmills. Are standing in a field. One asked the other music do you like. The other says I'm a big metal fan. And appeasement of intent. What's effective then heat seeking missile. And a heat seeking hit all. A man showed up birds duel with a pencil and paper. He then proceeded to draw his weapon. And blow dress. I am insecure. About my baking skills yes but when I get complemented on my bread. I say thanks I needed that. Yeah I get. My friend has a Butler only has one arm. Well serves them right. And somebody. My wife is on edge while on her all fruit diet. It is enough to make a mango crazy yeah. Almost. Almost got a lot map room. I used to be and nurses it up. Legit we. Did gas men don't. I mean then why is Spiderman so good at climbing walls. But goodies he's pier park or. I can't believe I didn't get my girlfriend used to make me up sacks on the hood river Honda Civic. But I refuse to. I'm gonna have a. Oh man this. This is cleared and joke well. That might ideally are going to like and feel like you've got. The latter will better not reds whose job I'd love to you again. My grandparents write to me being out of six on the hood of her Honda Civic but I refused if I'm gonna have sex it and it's gonna be on my own accord. Oh man. And loan. Just before that rain I'd the ad narcissism on the Atlanta and now and again are you ready all right artillery around you got this is the second place trophies with de out mermaid have Katie in. Bob a pool of blue stones. Against double and whoever made this trophy. Is this is and a lot of lives there it's like Gavin is the official DIY. Of the wake up call off. You rarely does he does I pride myself on DIY bra and so. Excuse me he. Tell me. I hit you block you well yeah pretty. It's our excuse me I tell you given to Danny. There you go on the net and see all you kind of I don't think breaks don't want that that I broke my monitor all right let us remind wake up call listeners this goal aren't. It is now bring himself may have material. Yeah. I. Bet it does Gloria is Devin sixteen. Weighing in as always you can watch Gavin and rain GO coffee can text the word joke at 7338.