Gavin and Rayne Joke Off 5-18-18

Friday, May 18th

Watch the latest round of "Gavin & Rayne Joke Off", find out who's on top:

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The wake up call. 1065 the end of. It's Friday. And our tradition rolls on we college avenue in regime. Just. Joan I'm Joseph God's joke about joke I'm Joan I'm Joseph. Look do all of the good. Danny ray jumped off debt jokes that's important and. Water and. You laugh you news. I was reminded of my listeners the score urged. Green beads but. Didn't you today. I wouldn't yeah. Yeah now one up now one well. He would always gonna give the I'm other success all I need to replace the picture eight by the way I if you wanna text joke is 73389. To watch the video of DeVon your range Joseph Cobb. I there is a new picture of Katie on top to be second place trophy at the losers trophy bomb which is. It's a mermaid in and see if it hits the mermaid and 90. May wait a minute I noticed is someone has to face to kill. Please share never draw they are silly mustache. Would draw male genitals like mad men unit into. Hope I wish you would listen what. By no no laughing a cross Democrats thought no problem. Drill and do fund I need to grow. And it has mushroomed as possible. They don't why is stores rather relaxed all the time. Why you know he's just lucky. Really should put advertisements on the whole. He's essentially a giant banner. This agreement next jokes to let their relay some. Did you struggle to keep your eyes open while using your iPad and now it's OK there's an app for that. But he had now. Took it as an epidemic. Putting. Jolts don't. Let your grandparents have daughters. Because that's how you get it. I'm trying to decide if my favorite type of Asian food is Japanese. Or Chinese. But I just decided to Colin tied. But the TH AI. Let me tell you Miami's joke. You know. That's that's this. My grandfather started walking five miles a day when he turned sixty. Now he's 97 and we have no idea what valiants. Well I couldn't touch fat. There's no training to be a trash collector. You just pick it up as you go longer. Went to the doctor and yet they complained about my sore feet and he said Alex and I said but I just want this. Saying you need to watch it what year you're getting real close. That in itself thanks to spring spring excites me and sometimes they get so excited I wet my plants. I went to a doctor. With hearing problems. He said what are your symptoms I said couple homers Staten largest blue air. I only tell you Miami's Joseph. And okay. And yeah. How can you balance laugh. Our housing and hoopla. You heard that an aggressive. Man its own and yet. Some of them like you usually get it down. He's held onto it for entirely too long now you've got to overwhelm her a month is that true yeah are you're gonna deal. Next week here on Gavin and marine joke off. We're gonna open the doors again. And we're gonna make it all listener jokes I find Gavin ingrained joke got urge all. All our jokes all listener joke but can he can you guys choose your own jokes edition. And future. I'll wake you call listeners can email their jokes to joke at and online dot com and and will use those jokes for next week's joke off. And please tell me who you want the joke to go to Jill yes and please everybody. Mail all. IMac how did lady got now like her mean content and terror dry run around and and make sure that goes to rain writes I want to have nothing but ads out. All right so it. Joke at an online dot com you can email your jokes and I if you have kids and you wanna give him a shout out just tell us their names and their age and where you live. I and we can include those in the jokes took some damage congratulations. The score. Green heat team and the a sin you collect the video of Gavin arrange joke off by texting joke to 7338. Now.