Gavin and Rayne Joke Off 7-13-18

Friday, July 13th


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The wake of golf sect. Broadcasting live from Davis this morning to wake up call sac town tour and our Friday tradition and has always evident rain. And and yeah it's okay. Gather rain joke off debt jokes back and forth and there is. DeVon arrange a golf we do it every Friday a last week when we were in Eldorado hills and I avenue at the giggles. And I couldn't figure it out I'll play to my advantage yeah and I did take on the victory and thank you very much everybody thank you very much stickier. Like. Reports in the pre and it the it would lack luster and actually get right and that's how I like right. I don't you ready to go. On a topic that they know. It. Happened not happy unhappy. Do you look at the burger double our broadcast is people keep kids on bike did at the all in Davis California to see the joke off and they at divot they deserve to see it it's not like all of them up not ready. But as we normally have a video of Gavin arrange joke off but it's for me at live from Davis today. If you follow us on east grand eating it was Apollo act and it went 65. I already. I. Glad you back around the back yeah what happened. Well how can irony Maarty Leunen binary out shipping goes first. What are dole I am a drama and it's aches today as they fell off the lot. But dumps. Like T Rex clap their hands. Extinct. Gavin did you go public government says that smoking wean causes memory loss. Well that's nonsense the next thing it does say is looking weak causes memory lives. Evansville we know they like. Why can't women be beat it. I don't know that they have begged them. And. What does the grisly say what it called customer service what. Not just bear with me for a minute. Do antenna got married. The wedding was beautiful. The reception was terrible and. What's Mozart's favorite trapped song. Lot bucket blue G. Abbott and not. How many people in America don't understand. Five out of work. Gavin what's the ratchet girl's favorite store in the mall. Don't know. Hot topic. I. Thought topic La. I've never even heard that but I I calorie Ron. Rain do not have. Laughed. And joked airline here Mike Baker president Benjamin Franklin. President that's let's go and correct. This dad explain jokes for re off. Across Ronnie Lott when he. The doctor. The doctor told me that to sue my sunburn. I need to get into a bathtub full of milk I asked him pasteurized. He said. Fill up your neck is fine. Really. That. I hate clip hangers. Because. You found that. That's about a year. Do something about Barack. Get it. I. Thought well what. Does kick it up and down vote. I cut the chase it's over now. Okay Gavin. My best best my best friend's wedding was so beautiful. Even the cake was in the years. Thought there I am sorry I. What it. I think everybody I sat. Down yeah the liberal. Let's not. Being. Rock that. Our urban rat. Has a good one not. Out about the that there. But did this is my favorite government worker today thank you very much you finally found a bit of rain. All along. I. OK okay. Given what you need Alan. But you did Alan that was to get on a given our rights. Well it's a dirty wind today literally go giant garbage truck garbage and but. Yeah yeah I of course yet. All right well I Gavin I think you are my idol take this trophy down and save victory. Does not know Helen at all. Rain clunkers it's you know I'll take it on a picture I'm viewing your current you're not. Not all right we are broadcasting live this morning Bob Dole's top Ian Davis is the what you call sat down tour won a six by the end.