Gavin and Rayne Joke Off 7-20-18

Friday, July 20th

Gavin and Rayne go at it again for another epic live joke off. 

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The wake of golf second to. It is our Friday tradition we do it every single easy to find general rule the universe. Data in ray. And it's. Yeah. I just got. It happens every single Friday morning. There's only. Laughs you. I have been a whole Bob. Tighten the joke after a fee for it feels like an eternity well these are exhibition. I don't know but I'm just saying that like still a beaten continuously Whitney. Rounds ago. I am with you this and I think that it needs to be reminded him last time that. Heat paving garbage truck driver. Pick up an admin banquet dumpster that everybody here. Stuart B job. Back in the literally haven't got there it. What. Would let it hang on the ground in the bag out an avid I don't bout. Was it an activist he had paid anybody and it certainly did not you that but I will say though that the garbage guy didn't have had phone it. Putting endless. A definitely took off and say all right there's one rule you laughed you lose shipping goes first reading. Yes and I have a lot of people cheered outgrow that much for coming out after which you get pictures with the tighten. The winning trophy indicate that drove. Well. Aren't giving up. What are you calling modest insect. What. A humble V. Really like Thai food because no matter what you order nobody wins. The last. How come X could be Lindsay. Why exactly. You know what they should call child birth instead of delivering. Take out. Gavin you don't want my girlfriend's cell service sucks. Why. Is hung up right after she said are breaking up and it's gone straight to voicemail in recent. Yeah. You know I did defend yourself against a group of clowns. Go for the juggler. How does the man on the moon cut his hair. How eclipse it. Thanks joke. Psychologist does it take to change a light ball. Just one but delightful really want to change. When LeBron James ends up better rap battle what is his battle name why LeBron flames. Apple did not pick out. Being beat into the port choice. In fact the whole series of mistakes. Gavin did you hear what amigos wanted to call their new funkadelic seventies band now. That it could see. I think catalog of us to write jokes. Here that I travel the country. Talking about the benefits of drying grapes. Now you get they have raised an awareness. Grave sin. Gavin why couldn't butt cheeks get along. Why there's too much crap in between them. Dirty jokes. Today at. You know you know what Murphy flies right by anything they can go wrong will Iran you know pulled law. Finally ready damaged. Gavin what his mother Teresa's favorite rap song. What I go hard in the same. I could. And other big. IKEA. Do like. Aaron just edged up. Thanks a lot sooner bumper ahead of the like that. Heard. Like I'm right now the green it. Went on I don't know I. Like audience I don't like you'll look into why. All I'm finally come now. Have an. Now KB manipulate the thought it. All the acts as he continues with a victory today Ricky Gavin actress added one dollar plus. Congratulations. To me thank you I appreciate it another addition of avenue rain joke off. The wake of calls.