Gavin and Rayne Joke Off: Halloween Edition 2

Tuesday, October 31st

You asked for an encore, so we are going to give you a Halloween treat of another round of Gavin and Rayne Joke Off: Halloween Edition:


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Call. One of the IBM's. Guys back iPod. I believe demand another edition of Gavin and Marines. Drew remove. Millions hello and for. Existing her and telling them cameras noticed sometimes don't get me. I got it well so we did Gavin arrange a golf all Halloween edition. Last week. Who was huge huge Emeril live game there are like Gavin and rain. Oleg Katie hey can you guys you another addition the gathering joke off all Halloween edition for Halloween and I like seeing no more. He would mostly because we we said. We had so many more jokes right because we we need each other laughed too should sue fans. Premature elaborate and that's mr. Dowd mr. and so by popular demand here the rest of the jokes you now have met. Are we playing for the child she or is this just. Do you CS holding the trophy up I'm just asking the official referee Kenny Phillips on the line. The scrimmage yeah just for fun. We now have an opportunity if you would like to submit jokes for us for the joke on the mood loved your listeners submissions you can email joke. At and online dot com. Include your name and where you have. In your joke might be featured great here but it yup I'm ready all right it's the Halloween edition of Gavin arrange joke off. Champion goes first one who has English clarity for Donald to say you go first okay I'm I mean what you call them. What do you do all the way your teacher nobody dragon okay what do you guess. And when your teacher is vampire the I don't know a lot of blood tests. On McCain's amendment. What are you calling gobbling that gets too close to the bonfire are quiet the toasty goes deep they're show. What do you call vampire that lives in the kitchen. Comes spatula. And ghosts favorite kind of streets the gap on a dead ends alone moved. What do you call fact bumped him. A woman can. The mic Gupta goes swear she. I know I know the answer why mess ski area. If you're using cover cool. No crosstalk sorry stop it burying. And then having your and you Gotti Gotti got a yeah. Jab all in the UT got your base because. Are you. Know should should know mascara. I own what they call it when egos get drunk. She faced her. Knock knock. Is there. Fill out Philip do fill up my bag old man. And the it was just me OK you have to cover your mouth term used to stop covering your mouth. I. Great marry him word I think all yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah annual do you. Since he's Camry is not how can we know you hear it yeah. I'm sorry and the official referee I have to I as a crowd roles and yeah there's one group rolled. You laugh if you lose have you read the rule book. I'm gonna keep going OK Mike I don't. What good does it snows. Angered some. Yeah. We gonna do which is their lives together what roommates. And the seller again. Where do most of goblins pledge. The north and South Carolina. Does it go say goodbye to a vampire. You're out solo and senator. I'll. And I. Should. It. All right bug that was the fun fun. That does and it just it just stretched her muscle pull back on Ellen yeah there's so many Halloween dad jokes out there. There would never guess that you all I had to say it was knock knock in you're already on the ropes I feel like it's just not. Fair to throw in a knock knock one. We. Will wait it's question yeah are you why general. You laugh you lose my nephew is she's testing my patience. It's not like Ali's sudden death at a higher job there. So. All I you can just text the word joked is 7389. If you're an alleged Yemen deny any idea the video cam and in range jump off plus. You can email us your jokes joke at end online dot com with your name and wailing of a New York Joker might be featured right here on Gavin arrange a cup. I great work. Well that's Ozzie and try to yep sounds good everybody on the wake up call.