Gavin is Bullied by Kids

Tuesday, March 20th

Gavin is being bullied by some kindergarten girls and he needs help on how to deal with it: 


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So here or there like a cult like to consider everybody Stanley even though we might make fun of each other every now and then we pick on Kevin. Kevin's good sport about it hauling kinda find that we love each other very much that is we deal but someone here on the wake up call. Is. It's getting bowl. Anne's this person came to us saying guys had. I'd really like to talk about this in so. We'd like to take this opportunity to give that person an opportunity. Do you share their bullying experience. With wake up call listeners. And it's Gavin what's. It's it's may and I don't know what to do I need some advice I need some help and so it's been going on for two weeks now. And I am being bullied by kindergarten girl. I. I'll tell you why. Two weeks ago. I went in to my son's kindergarten class. Four. Read read across America reading rainbow read Yvonne reed a re okay. And I read from the book. The book with no pictures. Is a fun book. Every parent of that book. In the exit the book that makes parents these silly things solved or one of the things in the book was the book makes whoever grown up is reading it to the kids. Today. My only friend in the whole wide world it's hip boat named boo boo but. Okay. Ever since then. Every single time I walked past the playground after getting my son from school and knee there's three of Palm Beach. I came here. And they go oh OK why. I'll. But I really. I thought I think you know 123. Hair and blue though who. The first couple times that happened in Iowa and hack attack. And the bench is he doing. You. Did. Bullet where I don't want does that about it. I don't know what to do so I don't go to the trouble today. Wasn't stand up for a little bit a little at a crowd work. You are a couple of years but it. Shouldn't share off the EU. Thinking yeah they hear what you say these wonderful. Little mean girls so I'm like oh well you get a bargain bucket cut back into. It when he lets take this seriously concerned obviously they really you know and it's not possible. Or malaria and I don't think it's not on some are hilarious should I have a heart to heart would these girls should I get them good kindergartners. If these girls they are allowed to go unchecked. Against somebody and eating disorder in high school they're not gonna care at Uganda the white. Oh yeah. All. You look the very need soul yeah. And is now how is this idea it's just a different school. Because they are never gonna let up on yell. And I am happy about that this is what you can. This is what. This is karma here they are you blaming now. Your victim blaming now. Yang felling a Dylan let the terrain in essence. We will back that Beth and I Google Groupon Google by. I. Was on right now telling you shot up by anyone wow yeah now we know what happened these girls when they grow up. Yeah yeah yeah. Have bad. Didn't make fun of me and cabinet. Yells you can. And years now did. Decade with me and now finally. Someone is giving you the business that you deserve because their kids. Could charge at the fence row that's not do any thing scare them. I America can do just felt. Pressed charges against god I ain't what it stop it. You imagine that police report though. Well what happened well he charged defense and what is the wet stuff plus the what was his first name boo boo. A class Danny and I've. I mean part of me doesn't wanna point out the fact that like you were even paying attention the book because the book said that my only right to the hippo named boo hoo book. Daylight. It's early yeah yeah yeah. Yeah.