Gavin Couldn't Find Gabe

Tuesday, December 12th

Gavin and Gabe went to an exclusive pre screening of Star Wars but could not find each other: 

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Wake up call. 6:5 PM. So Gavin had the opportunity to see an exclusive advance screening ebony Starr warriors the last jet I. Yes I did you can't talk about the movie can't say anything about it yet now and it doesn't matter anyway nobody in my health care about it that was most frustrating thing. Feel like one of only a couple hundred people in the country that have seen Star Wars and that I go home to a how old school people. Here it's killing you inside and I well wanna talk about it all the talk about people. His talk about it and gave me he went to the movie with TO. Talked about that gave. Well you I got there OK so is our producer Gabe I got lost on the way there I'd never bend you're new to Sacramento. Right I never bend this movie theater I took the wrong exit. And took a couple of wrong turns so basically rent I got there. And the lights were bound to. And their roots there is trailers playing OK the other like two trailers that play before it they didn't take my phone away which they exist. How film the whole thing now. Yells got their phone dig your way so silly you were there yeah you did see I sat at the very back I mean it's great right yeah all right and I did cry cry and a couple times and anyway. He's so game itself. Have you and here it is because the young daddy Manny goes no rematch but not not Star Wars and I don't want to talk to you about new drug. He not as an adult. Even famous eat our goal like hey where are new learn. Are you get closer. And big daddy goes. No why would hike and I don't idol Walt you invite him. Mean when I invite people somewhere no I don't invite them put 'cause it's like I really hope we hang out and stuff like that. I invite them because I think you're gonna really like this experience. If you choose not to go I. Care. And if you choose to go and not sit with me I don't care. I can be in the mighty toolbar. Like you were like save the cedar sending. So you knew it was kind of bum now because boyfriend Johnny couldn't go out and you didn't I didn't Johnny to come until I did and he was bummed out about back. I don't hold it Intel. You don't doubt your doubt that then Johnny wasn't there based film whatever opinion you knew that he was bummed out that Jonathan got. Any of the Sacramento has or doesn't know anybody. Checked and movie I. Do you know where this and I said no no look at the OK you know were hard mollid and I said no I guess well do you my phone and I said yes I said. It's kind of all of all of the building to play in doing at some point OK so let me ask this question Gavin when you make people over your house different. Old wise at different that's an event that is different than your house it would be silverware to buy invited dig my house and. I played well why does there are just not your bedroom. If you haven't in this scenario what would you have that a wise certainly what an ass like hey are you here yet a let me know when you get here. I'm definitely some movie we saw the screening and it's it I was and weeding out front from the cam up front let me know near here are locked in with you does that mean you go to these screens on the time I write labor Gus I don't know plus. Read that thing ever gone on these and this looks like a big. Why and I will say it was really confusing and I walked in and I had to go out to the ticket per cent there's this lady sitting there and I had to say. And her own star on the slower screening and given away unless you're like yeah scenes star. How. Good show there is sharing. But what I found but then the ticket lady didn't know what to do and then it was very confusing odd. I mean time you showed up late what are. I want you can't find. And you miss then I. Accept it and saying. Whether or not you should have like. Little more in 20. I'll look up what one of the people that you invited I need to act seven. 389. If I'm going to invite somebody does something the brain outta the city and never dawned on me. I should I checked in with them. I extend the same level of follow up and courtesies that I expect from other people. And chasing people down pearl like something right. Sending me 110 yeah yeah yeah. If you want. I like about what it takes you unable does that like hey are you come home. Just like my leg Ari didn't close. I. Yeah. Actually got how to lock eyes and then you gonna let my okay when you get here here's what to do yeah. So he didn't text me and say I'm lost can you help me and if no one text me I assume that you're just not common. I'm with that right you did note thank you inject it with them. And the it is basic levels unlike okay do you. Can bite anybody on the show. It'll hold. Home.