Gavin Goes to The Capital Recap

Wednesday, May 16th

Gavin updates the rest of the Wake Up Call about his speech at the Capital. 


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He's still wake up call 1065 the end. Last week Jolie could call we told you that now Gavin. Was invited to go speech. That's the capital. And it happened it happened yeah sometimes you win and it happened I took your sound advice okay. I wore a suit red white and blue that would that's how I look at that intentional loop. OK I went to the capital and I walk in and first thing I forgot how big that building as in how confusing that building ask. Has there isn't an X there's a section they built on after the original and if you're looking for specific remember with four digits it's in the enix now I know that. But I couldn't find any elevators so I'd climbed a lot of stairs that day and when it finally showed up to the congressman's office I would slightly impaired because I haven't yeah out. I make the ones you just ask somebody I did eventually ask somebody when it finally got to the third floor walked all the way around the third floor and couldn't find. All of his number. I find skit where. What we're the rooms before and of course. Let me go security guard I'm sure reached through his guy I'm playing and yes. But I eventually did find the bell. I like he's said that now you know lot about the ally now I'm never rebounded the sky and you go on their rights don't get it. This tour. So we go and there's a whole lot of waiting. Real fassel's remind what you call us here's why you were there I was there to testify my support officially for a bill that's coming up for vocal EB 2259. And it is a bill that will give a tax credit to parents of stillborn. To alleviate burial costs medical costs. Or whatever costs you not in the afternoons child dies work yeah yeah so it's a great bill. On its a great cause and I was very happy detested by my support which by the way if you wanna why. Jet you can just text to speech. As well EE CH. SPE ECH 273389. And you can get a link to watch the video of like me testify as well so. I go down there on the I finally stops letting god take you all of us in our back. And I give my speech I feel like I mail it. I was nervous but I am rarely nervous and then the woman who flow from LA she's. One of the organizers of on the called the star legacy which is the national stillborn registry so she she. Delivers her speech or done the chairwoman of the committee. On this the taxation committee so this is the first big step of this bill okay she is crying rumored. Wow good job. And very keen reasonable thing cry. Your best but she is crying. Okay and we're done we are not present for the vote okay. We find out after we go on a hallway and were staying there in the congress and their world shaking hands thing our goodbyes and stuff like that meant that somebody another congressman walks up to Los in the hallway shakes your hand and he goes. I didn't think you guys are gonna pass. And congratulations. Good that passed unanimously want. Line now you know. Kenya on the cell anyway they'll why didn't even think it was gonna pass so look cause it's a tax credit. So late we'll look at it as like. Wall why wouldn't this pass a corpse. Well they have to look at it as I understand why this has that happened it is going to be a loss of income well hey that may and everything. Donated 2600 stillborn in California every year right so if you do the math and then factor in how many people would never even apply for it brain it's gonna be around two million dollar loss to the state OK okay that they passed unanimously why. Well first step the second step is it goes to the house floor and then it becomes the bill they asked if I'd be willing to come back to that I said FDA I would. And on top of that till they also said this word gets to a party thing the big congressman who wrote the bill the Republican may and they can't get a Democrat to support the bill book as everyone hates everyone right now right so I said well listen I sit. Coming down your demo I ever told him that I never told my affiliation except I am as that would help with I like met with some Democrats like. I'm a Democrat on the case. Unlike you we played the same team this good call man. There's congressman staffer was like that's not a bad idea like would you like common how Michael lunch meeting it's a bite out of life. You press the weather. It's I don't I have aunts and yeah is making me kind of a motion all I mean obviously to them BBN and so. So happy that it's. People are seeing then meet yap here you know they'll let you have always wanted to do something. That was him like the political row only. And should soul. Happy for you but also proud of you all this slime and plan you know felt growing net. And sit down have a B or cause that is slowly necessary. And I'm X. I mean it doesn't just obviously losing Phoebe didn't affect just you and Stacy it affected the everybody that loved Leo and such should. He seemed whack me. Now do you want to teach delicate call us is what you posted and is degree and immediately after that I'm leaving the capital I walk out through the security entrance. My hand to god I swear on my kids. The second I walk outside there's a BB bird flying around and singing and she purchased her right next to me. Crazies that. Did you send that are taxed Trent David Obey I saw that picture but sometimes there's too much reading going on our tax INS and that's. And I in the real high fat or use our right as she walked outside oh man this is that and read them. Cabin that's amazing. If you wanna see it text speech SP ECH 273389. You have to passport to a certain amount time but I think it's in north.