Gavin Grades the Movies Interview: Nicolas Winding Refn

Friday, July 1st

Listen to Gavin's interview with director Nicolas Winding Refn...

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I met this. Nice to mandate this red and thank you so much for coming on and I GAAP degrades the movies how aria. You are. A lot better. And I would. When you're not yet black life a little hot bed. Blackberry. Two now. Where did you fly in from. Oh my god is that it is that were you labor were it was part of the press tour. Wow I can tell how all you have to come day ally. A lot actually. It's very much alive come into the ambulance so. It's always great strip. I've ever thought about moving yeah. At the. Pat constantly my life tonight they talk about it but. It's become something we have symbolic is that oh with a picket. Yeah I got bad I as bad I totally get that. Are right so your movie is called the neon demon and and it's out now and well my gosh I wish I could've heard the other interviews you've done for this movie because. After that. In the meantime demon ands. The thought that I I got I would imagine every single person has is. Okay. What was that I think it. So were to start with that or exact question. What were or were you thinking when you made in the on demon when you wrote that and we were executing it is the director. What are you trying to say with that well. As. Well I don't. Trying to clean something. I'm just. Going on experience. With the audience. OK. I get that the work word. Word you trying to make the experience. On the challenge. Or enjoyable. Well I think. Experience. That are challenging. A more durable. Because. You are more penetrated. Which means that the experience. Of more. Part of your yet day in terms of planting a reaction. And creativity. You know. Is all about reaction. Yet. Then. Yeah Ike and I I totally get back to that. It's are going to be some people. Who easily dismiss this film and and I don't think that's fair to me on demon even remotely because when you watch it this is the movie. That that. Was that precise I think that was the idea that I had in my head because as you're watching scenes. They took a long time they must've taken a long time to light it certainly took awhile for you to to think up the story and stuff like that. Sell. I want to understand the movie and it's a movie that stays with you. And I gotta say it's it's interesting to hear. That you find challenge in joined it because that that. Makes me enjoy the film a little bit more because it was one of the most challenging movies I think I've ever I've ever watched. So light can allocates let me ask you this. He reads his character as the motel owner. Years in the story to drive why it. Is far as the story goes. Well all the male characters I design of the bill. The girl friend about the bill. No there there apple flop it by. So they just yet of Arab terror which is the motel manager. Represented. A sexual threat to Jesse. So yeah he's here. I'll penetration. Because she used a version. So that year. Very. There are at the same time. In her book bill live. Or work creating. She of course. Is becoming less sexual. Creature. They're built with the year of the president or oh. Of the mail. A. OK so that's the guy who is her now boyfriend but the guys that she likes the photographer from the beginning of the film. So what is his soul of key arteries represents the sexual threat in in this the male sexual threat what does he represented. Where. Herb Kohler herb Ford brand character right and who's been. Big boot lol wow. You prevent. The common. Denominator of good sense. However. You've totally hypocritical. Because it wouldn't you and or. I am saying ego thing. You do everything. Meaning. You know there's something else. The desired heard they have been. Well. I think you would you they had looked at earth if you look beautiful. So that is. What I think is. But very clear. The Latin. In that we have a certain. Idea of what it out of law. I'm conflict. The guardian or urgent it is and desire. OK at that makes sense. Let's this is another question is this doesn't have aiming to do so much with the actual movie itself but I was think because I know you're married and your family man when you're told your wife. I wanna make a movie where I'm surrounded by a beautiful women models because movies about models. Pop back over with her. The Atkins of the idea. I. Civics in love with the moved. A few years ago when I awoke 1 morning and I kind of get accepted that. I was born beautiful. But what life. And I one it would it would Eli. Two. And that gave being the idea that make the move. And Tuesday well I mean it is absolutely uninteresting movie and and you know you did. Open a few doors that made me understand it a little bit more I I gotta say I I have a a big fan. You know Bronson I thought is an excellent film if anybody hadn't seen that yet. Absolutely check it out I think it's on Netflix drive I think is is one of the top fifteen movies of all time I thoroughly enjoyed drive. And I was really excited to see the neon demon and it's a film that will probably stay with me for a very long time Nicholas ref and thank you so much man for coming on Gavin grades movies. Oh yeah.