Gavin Is Mad At Apple Hill

Tuesday, October 24th

Gavin is waiting in line for food at Apple Hill and he sees something that really irritates him:


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Were ten auction tickets happens this afternoon Christopher K he has tickets to see Sam Smith. The golden one center on August 24 2018. You can listen to Christopher kit to contend that. 310 for ten and 510 today to when your tickets from what a six by BS. Paul 106 IBM's Gavin made it triggered to apple hill over the weekend with the Fam I sure did I was out. I thought we go last year. And I thought you know what I apple held kinda opens at eight let's leave it. The lowly and I an elegant elegant early time that I looked like Wesley that. Thirty yeah I got there by 830 eager effect. He beat single crowd there's already aligned like when you meet that left on that to go to high hill and a I pay off the highlight the day it was already back double lay down all laid down all the my leg go out Padilla a guy a pass those houses were it looks like absolutely kill it's like killers rope polite and the atom amid high. I'm good drive by those now it looks like nobody lives there but there's like children's toys laying around but they look like barely been touched in decades a mixed whoever. This weekend there's going to be people that are going to be sitting in traffic look at us now is being like somebody's got to move right some would you call the police on that house preemptively. We get there. For just one year makes you forget. About Howell also slash all full apple hill. You know you've never said anything smarter. And every easier or when the leaves start calling here on the low landed. I think even though Lou. It's not look it all and then we go to apple hill and then I spend. Approximately fifteen minutes looking at B handcrafted. With dangling cat eerie Hoosier all heard some sort of felt. Half yard yard decorations. Laura handmade leather she free and I eat right and then I think like. Think it's PR concern and basically asked. We went this is the first year that we went to I knew why Gary and I would not say. The name of biblical they don't want them to feel like I'm beating them up but I do like mom and pop places. Even though some of them I've heard are like corporately owned by. I get the feeling that their mom and pop and I went and saw where our intern Michaela works did he. Hey you weren't that well so where there and it was already after I had been pushed through the gauntlet of high hill and I'm exhausted. And I've seen all the crowns and I've had all the slider so now all of the citizens 25 minutes Indian literally. You think we like there's really nothing did you Aaron actor thirty minute frank Conner had fun watching other people catch fish okay. On the need all of release Don wait for a good weren't gonna get and that's OK deep valley still anyway so I go to this new place and and I am waiting in line for food. And I'm waiting a really long time I actually timed it it was 31 minutes of by the time I was done ordering and then got my food. But the whole time looking up at the sign that's above and I took a picture of him I putted on mines to Graham. And the reason why don't find caught my attention was in addresses how long you have to wait for your food right. And it basically in a nutshell says. We take pride in our food. This is good food and we love to make an employee exchange expect to wait for it. And if it's if it's too long to wait please come back some other time our food is worth the way that's not if and there is a grammar mistake in the in the solid guys know. I think it. Flutie I like wait a long time for like really good food and then I get it down like. Special about this through and why it waited thirty minutes for these. Frozen French Fries obviously frozen hamburger patty. I don't what what was that may do you think that the food was gonna need yeah. Yeah so yeah I hear tell me like we take pride in our that would be saying. Take pride in making my children dinner and then I give them the same frozen chicken nuggets that they get everywhere and I think I. I don't really do put a sign up there the expectation is high. You get it in Ely quick minute I could've gotten this somewhere but come on and say because now you Marty invested the time you have. Money on it up you get good time back right you could I guess you be really wanted to go complaining to your money back maybe he wanted to go to the hassle -- but yeah you gotta get back at the half hour I'm not gonna get back at. Not shopping for jammed in Jelena. I have to ask you something. What part of going to Chapel Hill maybe you think. That you were going to get some big that I had not been previous difference I did not how that expectation. Until I read. I did. Yeah. No I didn't say it'll imply brides that we'd take pride in our food and do you pride and taking frozen meat out of the freezer and then heating it up and then serving into the public I would hate to think what you don't take pride in. Just like through your veins like ribs Maine you're right I'm lucky. I didn't do that they know. He would not on the ground outside and already 85 degrees when you dress through flood. Shouldn't flawed but I'd pick pick pick it. Extra low wake up call. I'll introduce the sinners and saints Halloween party at the thunder valley casino resort October 20 posted my house to wake up call if you wanna go. We're gonna play since her hard saying it's. We need some names you to tell us they are sinners or saints in real life. Got to get all seven right away and call us right now 7661065. If you replied we'll do it next 822 on the way to come. And fixed idea and almost had me from.