Gavin Phone Scam Austin Sees an R- Rated Movie

Tuesday, August 7th

Austin sees an R-rated Film. Gavin calls as Austin's dad furious at the theater manager for kicking his unaccompanied son out of The Equalizer 2.

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106 I'm V. And praying this the way get. Twice that morning at 610 an 810 we ugandans don't stadiums what he got today. Where violence can a guy named John who's the manager of a local movie theater and I called on a day that I knew he would be working. To yell at him although he didn't do it because somebody at his movie theater kicked out my underage son. From watching an. Its faults and. They've got to. This is John I don't know if I had I'd like issue complete. All right where is the nature to complete my sign was kicked out of your movie theater and I a guy. I don't think that's right let. You know what there was no. I do all too. Well let me but I have a manager on duty so they listens to the best to say other information you. I I mean I don't think it's right that you guys kicked. A little boy I really theater. Also I understand. Could you remember what movie is trying to see and what approximately the Taiwan as we might be able to refund your ticket and perhaps copy of Coptic connect I'm. Twelve local Y I don't know but it was equalizer true. He gloated to okay. If you are asking L losers on the. Osgood is seven years old. Where you estimate the term no it was not he was by himself. Well sir it's against the law very unaccompanied minors CA and the CNR rated movie. Well BI. Understand old against and where are the guardian titled all right we're getting judge he now is that what's happening. I understand that it might be quarter and blow against the law but the bottom line is that on us then. Was sick in their buying meat. I'm dad dubbed law trumps all law and I say that he can go see that movie. Well there's sir I am I understand that if Christian directories your child you are you choose however it is against our policy and against it government policies well to allow underage minors into C adult rated. Films including but not limited to. Tough. Pop up quite a lot cries too much. And I think that he needs to be a tougher person so I thought what better way then scene and Denzel Washington a man. And sixties they can still managed to take yes real talking about so I want my boy did see that and then. What do you do oh they go in there and kick out 'cause there wasn't no. I'm well. Sir refute it that you can really do understand this is the movie that badly you can accompany him it is permissible as long is accompanied by a parent or guardian. All I'm not gonna watch that movies too violent. Well sir. This is there someone else potentially his mother or very close friend who has over the age of eighteen that could accompany him. He doesn't have a mother that's one of the reasons why he cries so much OK how about this and oh yeah. An idea how another movie it's just his violent it's not rated. The sort of the point of the rating system is that the movie is the rating determined how violent the movie is so movie credit. PG thirteen. Or G or or movie it's such as that. Yeah. It says if the rules set down by the Motion Picture Association of America. Well what a budget name B can't be can't Disney Asian make it not. You while all the guys are old like Denzel Washington. But 'cause of the young ones are tough because it allowed to watch people get lemur. More if you would like every unfair the purchase price to take effect it most certainly do that like you do not feel prompted it to another showing or another movie people lesser value. Yeah that's why any little thing John. Your opponents gamble on one a 65 BN on the wake up call in my name actually Gavin and done none of this is true. It. It yeah. Yeah your girl your girlfriend Sarah has made a mess that DO so it's unheard. You. OK okay. And just get yourself. Email phones gamut. O line guys don't.