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Monday, August 7th

Gavin shares a story about why he pulled a social post making fun of woman:



Check out the photo:

This was the picture I had to pull down because this woman AGGRESSIVELY marched toward me a few hours after I posted it in Atlanta. She didn't call me out; she gave me sweet advice. I felt awful.

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Again. Sweeping plan. And it was part of this big radio conference that we mean to you which is actually super cool we had a good time we learned a lot and hopefully we can take a lot of that stuff that we learned while we were there we can put it toward the show and maybe can weigh how do you say Katie almost get second place all moms almost almost think about it or content. But I could. The highlights of it was Gavin trying CBS Smart ass John King. He added almost backfired in this case all over. Though the hotel. Area where this is happening there were these posters refer cheesy morning radio shows that I. And I know that this show is not very good either but those shows staged aegis tell they suck from the picture that they chose. And that's why Michelle I don't know what they were called by god and like. Code examine Jody your read our burden group recruiter cooter and Jody if scooter through there and tell you guys anyway. Joseph beat was this red headed by the way most women and radio we've gone out our redhead. Bill we're it was me who we've ever seen that was really surprising and then one of the posters that with the enormous like eight feet tall. There's a picture of her laughing with her melt the open. And just walked past that at a quick glance I noticed that her mouth. When was slowest. Diddy. It adds it had webs of spit out an amount top to bottom like from the back of the mouth all the way to the front and every time I paraded past the that's all I could see and I literally was saying out loud the people. Yeah this woman not notice. Should get crucial meet stages of development before it got a poster and brought to this seminar and put the myth blog that nobody went I am wow. Your mouth looks awful New Hampshire are what I think is worse is that she she has noticed and this is nothing she can do about it may might have a stroke anyway. I thought it was hilarious I take a picture of it and I post the whole area social media post. Well that post I pulled down great question why. Is. Right. And try to be troubled. She was at the conference and we are all of a mix they're talking to different radio people. And out of the crowd this woman come up aggressive. Some lead marching toward me I need it wasn't like she was the heat seeking missile on yell I would say barreling. Bent don't waste you've got. Aren't sump pump are faster yes and I'm bad with names but great with spaces right and I saw this woman coming and I immediately thought. That's the woman the two hours ago you made fun of your social media and you're surrounded with radio people she Jeffrey knows and I hadn't thought this is valued I got yeah. You're about to get stabbed with a full share. And Katie by the way who was right behind me talking Newsom locally younger people would just got under radio grow. Am like a protective mama and a little room. So. What is the situation that is standing there. Oh my god oh yeah I've always comes toward each sheet that comes up to me can't hear anything I can't read these. Just like after a bomb goes up yeah it did. Yeah I would hide pitch. And she comes up and just goes to pay. I saw you earlier US that one question at that one seminar. And then she proceeds to give me the sweetest nicest pieces of advice. On her career. For my career. It was almost like she took me on her knee bone. On the protective person yeah and with patting my head saying it's gonna be okay honey let me help you at those answers. And I didn't hear a single word yeah and colleague here is what's happening Gavin what do. I'm out what's going on. Your life right now and then I turned and walk down out of body and I see Katie standing in the lobby with these girls I go. Yeah some are so yeah. Is described the picture good did she ask. Posed a picture or no guts picks rigs that are out. There and can't be able tags spitting get. Do you I agree I just three posted the picture text of mouth and OUT eight Jamal to 73389. Text battery may apply. See for yourself. Not just be posting a picture it to me really and the elite spent just. He had he about it. Now I think you're wondering like it early during this whole. Well thank you for asking a lot icy winds in another room. Talking to someone and they block away at a Grambling where no one could come out I. Yeah that's what I like super loud music and a light up when these guys and a lot got in the world the lobby of the conference Syria and it's like faces a pale and I. Are shaking their babies crying out even other media glare and people freaking out like what I have to say it again until I read stories like. But should Katy ran away. I would've helped jump on that grenade three Gavin. You I would've helped you well I would have Steve is still there are taken Nat. New Taylor black and you try to protect she received Irene my new best Lou. Did they didn't. He's what's next on the wake up call.