Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 1-12-18

Friday, January 12th

Gavin & Rayne "joke" each other off every Friday, watch the first joke off of the new year and find out who is going to come out on top:


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She's still wake up call 1865 the end. All right it's our first one of the year are. 2018. Gavin in aim it. Don't dog joke joke joke I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know gobs joke that. Data rain joke dust it's our first one of 1218 were super excited dad jokes he threw back and forth. And there is only. Okay. So. You left moves quickly for all we all. The out of and a technical thing. My cell if you are keeping track. With the extravaganza that is Gavin and ranger cup you'll note at these score is. And then. Rain ten by the way no one's been. Everyone's been keeping score yeah actually playing at home there's new take home version no there isn't the only reason that people not those coroner Doug but I'm not board back there it is it is. That is true I dual reporting now. Though that the joke off is sleeping in the nation. And a lot of people been sending me video is. Of other people doing it by if this is the original joke off like the original pancake house this. This is it okay this is it our right rule is shaping goes first getting ready I'm ready and up. Their hold on tighten tighten. Here the cheese you. Know they say he's a real monster. Geometric guided drink eat coax now deeper seven out. So people tell me they pick their nose and I was born with mine. That's only two have been his did a gotta gotta okay what are the movies Titanic in the sixth sense have in common. I you see dead people. Me. There's too sensitive yeah. Too soon. What a year the best ancient Egypt that joke. Yes. Actually it's more of a mommy joke. A young mom joke. Listen you empire and they raved about it but I don't know it's gonna look at it. Evan gee here's studies have shown him that humans eat more bananas than monkeys. No. You know. I remember the last time in a monkey. And what does it begin zombies say. I don't. Guerrero me. Means. I hate it my tripod loses a lake. Can't stand it. I'm reading a book in braille now and need all I can tell it's gotten good car you can just feel it. Is afforded it today DeVon you hear the other day we Katy called me immature. Not. Yet I'm gonna keep dread in my pillow fort. And. Oh my god. Did you hear about the kidnapping at Roseville high school. Note. Nevermind you wake now. All you let them take any of those sleep at Thanksgiving dinner how does the Turkey smell how it began in. Well attended an event. What was the first thing the monster ate after getting his teeth cleaned. Up and Gentex. Yeah. Yeah yeah and the Arab. And so. Yeah. Does does it again I don't know about Obama. That's not. Our ballclub. Mates. All right snows again and pros until it's so sad that you have the Katie. The miniature trophy the last place trophy yes well the the second. It's pretty soundly typically doesn't do a blast to basically nothing at all does it rained Donald can you tell. Most kids it's called in for or sees in these rock. Then I. Your house for decades it but I don't think it's been sanitized. Are Gavin congratulations said the new score is now Gavin old men whirlpool rain or ten that night so we do it every Friday Gavin in rain joke copied you'd like to watch the video of Gavin arrange a copy can text joke. The 73389. 165 PM the.