Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 1-19-18

Friday, January 19th

Gavin & Rayne joke off, find out who will win: 


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I guys it's Friday it's time tradition in Gavin in regime. Joseph not Joseph not Joseph god do not feel the love children. And and it's one room too early to. But I didn't I'm next year. Scenes through me off from sorry next time moment again and not this Zagat and a range jump off every single Friday we do dead jokes back and forth one another. And the one rule is you laugh. You lose just like rain did the past three times but you winning three times only edging up by one point so all of that's what about by one point out. You're paying attention at home or your tying the home version that you can take it thigh a year as a consolation prize here and Gavin a range of golf you'll look at the score is DeVon Aladdin. Rain ten. So today we fight for the truth or to the death whichever one comes first. OK you know that yes that's why it helps that the big trophy not all right so dead jokes back and forth by the way we videotape every single one you can text jokes to 73389. If you like to watch him plus all the old ones of you wanna see previous chip offs they're all posted and online dot com gallery reading yes. Championed as first victory out. He loved that place every one in India is buying sandwich is now didn't. I forget the name but it's the New Delhi. What's the difference between a hippo and a Zippo. Black. What is really heavy. The other is a little later. Won't Q yeah. Don't try at the funeral for shredded cheese okay. It had a great life. Oh great just I can't. Why is Stephen Hawking a bad role model thought well this is why he doesn't stand for any staying home. Angst and mom is blue the national hero gee he even though he's British is still a national here. Whatever countries and easy hero and realize we are getting this balloon either. All right wrinkles. But you know what you should say to a depressed baker. Things will get better home. Huge uplifting. What was the Miami dolphin football player called on a personal foul. Why. Each trip to player and porpoises. That's ago. Did June knows secretly I am up priest. Know it's my Alter ego. Inking. Religion. What do the circus less again and held the door open for the clowns. It was a nice gesture. Senate was batter. Do I can't jester clowns she sir are OK I mean I do like the rate just picturing reign at the circus by himself. Ended like half and now they never stop cumin or some sudden iPod. That's. Wait is a joke become a bad joke. And when it becomes apparent he hit. And older are not well. Do you Walz arranged to date. What you said. On each at the corner. This app so I think is really more pets are good and then I gave our area here real. This appeared. You. Oh good I wasn't sure about it but it grew on me. He did he did not like that and get it what's the difference between a lobster with breast implants. The error. Was I want. We are a lot of breath the boy at the what's the difference ideologues are breast implants and an old boss dump. I guess what a bus DE crustacean in the other is a crusty Bosnian. I. But you've made sure a lot of daily greens. The I'm Wu yeah. Brad. Brown eyes they are bill Milliken though Brent Berger well below. Yeah. I don't know. Hello RA I'm all you and I believe that it gives him to right now he's got to get my I forgot I forgot all about this part. Just handed over IRA attracting this through my god and green we you guys have. Yeah oh yeah. Hear how Micah. We're in day to day. I did not work out to this race you know why it let me just try what are you went about it the Chara walked that I know what did you think he's yeah. I. It's on Earth Day it's. Gone off. Opponent than the person. Thanks thanks can I get really sick a lot he is either Republican Eric that are at their friend wears it straight it's right there until literally right in front of it. If you didn't act literate their opponent it was my my coffee mug I cannot get. And have a leg of the here see he's not all that might distort is now Gavin eleven men on. You know lap then that every Friday Gavin and ray joked got you go watch the video by texting joke the 73389.