Gavin & Rayne Joke Off #10

Friday, September 29th

Find out who will be champion in round 10 of Gavin & Rayne Joke Off: 


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He's still wake up call. 1065 the end. Guys is that time again. Gavin and let me know. Joseph. Guys welcome back yeah no another dish again and arrange a golf another week another dollar he Rio. Every week every Friday in the draft jokes to each other we joke each other us. It last week I took home. The trophy here. It's it feels a lot honored our ice cold 9495. Standing in drama that yeah they I don't know who earned that but I bet they are incredible they're definitely doing something very big and important right now. Me and as fancy as this is through with the Aladdin lamp at the top. One step out of the broad line just. Some. We're gonna upgrade and I'll want. How could weed through who. Well well well any bit he'll learn adult urge your ballot you're so again. A lot. I'm all right this is day 2006 softball trophy. Leave the 1987 softball trophy I was lining up. Half went up. This thing is yes the lawyer who feeds all. Black sides of the winner of the Joseph got today. Will be handsomely rewarded gets take that home put her on the mantle yeah really did he error and why haven't. See your competition and how about. The loser has to take it home put on their mental. That is an enemy hasn't got a buddy get the dad taught as always you can text the word Joker to 7339. And watch Gavin nine. Joseph can tell rock you Redding. Another announcement. There's only one role. You last time you lose did you phone the rules and you don't I mean I'm a problem. Has learned the hard middle school trophies. For me it doesn't mean they're under a safe place. I really gets it's okay to. Chanting just firsthand. Why do golfers Wear two pairs of pants. Why. She chases a hole in one. What do you call a sleeping bolt. If bulldozer yeah. Why didn't Mickey Mouse get shot. Like a good idea because Donald Duck. Like add I don't. What do you call bears. Went no fears. Being. What time is it can win an elephant sits on offense. Those were good but should apply. Time to get an offense yeah and that way you wishes and why do you watch it time to get any effect and what did the judge say when the sky on schools walked into the courtroom. The court. Great day. I hear the rumor going around about butter now and nevermind I don't discredit. Snowman keep their money. And snow banks. What do you call Tony with a sore throat and excuse me art what time it's. A little hole person. I know why you are and again I'll let. Bit of a crowd die in the situation where radar plane monopoly and we rolled the dice you're kind of throwing him under the die a little bit. Hey don't get that analogy I don't need. You give an example. All what we're trying. And I laughed. At eighteen I black seemed like you. Well I don't know. Yeah well you don't don't just game of the lab to weasel that. It's true that excuse me we have a ceremony to do. I was hoping to be the first one to have been inaugural. Jewel golf trophies unfortunately. You're a loser I am a loser. Justices and Mary noted that awkward this is what makes a great idea to handed over here okay Mike got a got a yeah. OK I got bucket yeah I did it yeah get. Her luck hold on. He can pass it around it isn't but not let Ray Rice and kiss and watching some interest your wife. Who is wanted. Now. This but I must find a way to drink champagne out of they Internet and a lot of flat surfaces I think it's just gonna run off and eighteen you put your malveaux one on the corners and I just pour. That word to have tough tough. Iowa congratulations. Thank you know thank you every game title every line he's there. Good buddy every Friday Gavin in range oh god has always. You can watch the video again and I joking each other out you can text Jill grain on 73389.