Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 10-20-17

Friday, October 20th

Find out who is going to win in this round of Gavin & Rayne Joke Off!:


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Just call 1865 the end of. Time does everybody we can. Temper Gavin and remain. There. Well. Digital I don't know June. Joseph Cobb. Welcome action yeah and bring guns every Friday Gavin NI we. Dead jokes back and forth. This is slowly becoming my favorite time. At any time he takes sort joke to 73389. To watch the video of Gavin and I jump off the video sees a ball we've to you can text jokes any go watch the give up any time you want. I last week I won again you're out and have a knack there's that this will what do we mean it tightened. I tighten yeah down we did the app and this is the Katie right. There's nothing wrong with bikini last places the Katy okay well that was the first place trophy you've got to have this many times L Obama is the first place trophy. Older people no one is just bigger than any other and they were both first place trophy this is actually second place what this really. Go to discuss under the Sacramento media league's second place overall champion whole league no teeth. All is mad I imagine how much bigger number one would have been. I debt jokes back and forth you laugh you lose. Redding. Guess. JBO's first. Stereo. You're not going to name yeah. I mean Q focused. Starting after. What you called bedtime stories for horses. What pony tails in the week. What do you call someone with a rubber tell. Roberto. Brooke Burke and hope. I never have to wait and edit. And that's. I am so you wait a minute wait a minute answered used to joke and the punchline resident. And then and then heat set it and then you'll learn well these important plus. And he needs to not be so khaki green masks. It's ever just like the why Joseph can teach. That was. People are disappointed OK okay let's send those if you. Judge can we get a ruling can mean wolf I'll let him say that he one bit since we only got one joke I think. We should dual round two can we do that I guess so this is just gonna be like as scrimmage all right this this is a scrimmage when I won gimme gimme tiger. Yeah. Guy I thought apparently mumbling to my mom. Mugger you know it's me I need an injury I got to catch that I got it appears the Keating. Being a. You mentioned time our rates. I got an email I'm excited and so small Madrid MO lucid marry a guy like C sounds. These non yeah I don't. Really are giggles on finally stopped the music can make it official all know there officials already done business or do I know. When it. Don't know just may lose like protest you know this is good because they tell you Joseph that Aristide told you once but I think it's so funny. You know well you get help Charlie Brown after the death of his mother. Can now find him a good grief counselor. That was pretty good one yeah. It's orange and sounds like compare it. What the care. The show. No low fat okay. I'm I don't think I think the warning. Amber hey it. Our Gary it's. Like I'm well thank god that was just an exhibition. Wow wow. Know what I did not bringing your game faces today are now. I do now is your album for. Yeah yeah you elect he winked at me I don't know if you saw that I you make Jimmy was in the video can we got to do a replay in show him winking I think that's what started trying to get psychologically. Play then I check the rules and regulations of the job Bob I do not think that there is any thing it's not a rule insists that he. I won yeah I bet we'll have been a punch like we already know.