Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 11-10-17

Friday, November 10th

Listen to this week's round of Gavin & Rayne Joke Off to see who wins!


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Wake up call. 1865 the end of. It's fans are part of the we can reach college. Gavin in green. Do you want to. Joseph come out joke the joke about Joseph not Joseph. Gavin arrange a top forget every Friday dad Joseph actually thrilled back in Florida. We left. Tiny DNN I didn't really do it every time and then he said yes. I'm sorry gonna let you down yes. Not meaning. We unsettling about my life I'm sorry I just realize that okay this gigantic. First place trophy that we guys' height are easily you're acting like you can't pick up. It's her job so he never seemed got a range jump off before the winner the champion for the week gets that massive trophies. And the loser gets this. Real pen and disappointing. I'm kind of sorry looking through being out it was a very well earned trust eighties name on the bottom the great I'd say the story is Gavin eight. Rain seven. No pro stock field crosstalk by the way dead anytime you can text joke is 73389. Watched the video of yemenite jumping off. Jim being dispersed. This is from a listener I mean Jamie yeah. Why did this male and he and fast on his race car. I don't so people would say say you look at that as cargo. And the Smartphone these glasses why because it lost all of its contact. You know what gets you fired from working at the calendar factory had. Dig too many days off. Yeah. Germany walks into a bar and says. Is the bartender air. The bartender a true life. What queen what is is big tender and anger at you. Parent. Here is the. This just because my jokes try to tell anything to I can't help you. Your skills very different from. No. Did you know that if you pour salt on an alligator tail. Beautiful lost. Double faults too harsh. What's the best part about living in Switzerland and what I don't know yeah the flags a big plus. On the subject. Of European. And what they call Miley Cyrus in Europe. Kilometer area Cyrus. Having came to me last week instead brain that make me a sandwich. I send to appears Simitis. Really change yeah. Okay Serna fast bankruptcy. Do you know why I hate to shoes that I bought off the drug dealer. I don't know what you lace them wins but I am trek and why did the blind me and fallen well. Why because he didn't see that well. Didn't see that well that well. Really you are actually on any lab it and joked that you're about to tell its that he used my name a joke. Yeah three every time. Every time I was away it's included didn't actually. Did you don't weird night. You pass it to a minute so complicated thing now murdered none of them. And get yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah original I get. Yeah I don't get caught a normal job. Well they score now. Gavin eight Lorain hey it's early on its way. I. I sellout by the white suit you can submit jokes if you have a job you want us to include on down and arrange a golf you can emailed jokes at and online dot com. Include your name Rick from where you're from and mailed your car. Are the be perfect and those go to Katie so that we don't see him and at a time and I've I and compiling a lesson already got some for you guys know cheating. And at any time even during the week maybe if you're feeling down you knew little laugh you can text joke to 73389. To watch the video.