Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 11-17-17

Friday, November 17th

Gavin & Rayne Joke Off Round 17


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Wake up call. 1865 the end of. It's Friday it's time stay in part of the week. We colleague Gavin in green now. And it's. Oh yeah definitely Joseph Doss yeah ever since Friday here in the wake call again tonight through dead jokes. Tour and only one rules. Zelaya as you can see this door is now do you have an aids rain aides to be good jolly jolly old ship however last week. I think on the trophy this is tighten. I advocating our glorious trophies. Every point adapt every week. Speaking of teeny I would like to win the Hayden the Italian meats eat Al-Maliki we were talking we were talking about you. I'm going to talk to Romney please we forgot you were there because frankly out. Here. After. The listeners have spoken they wanna shoot these found there yeah. She still a lot. And as always you can watch the video again and arrange a coffee can text joke to 73389. Over the last few weeks even encouraging wake up call listeners. To email us. They're jokes for Gavin and rain joke off. Via email addresses joke at and online dot com so today will be wanna be first versions of Gavin and range joke off. Where we have a listener contributions. Apple's okay. Let's do this all right you laugh dealers is the only rule life tibia as for getting us pursue Rio. It's on from Debra in Citrus Heights. What are you colleagues T Rex that sells guns. A small arms dealer. There's some Ashlee and in the pocket area. Why don't people like to go camping. And because it's intense. What time did Sean Connery give to Wimbledon. What tart finish. It does for Mariah. What is up pirate's favorite letter in. Canada faces just see. What's the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing but what. It's timing because he didn't bad timings of the joked. Compared to. It's almost like listeners are giving you bad jokes and those jokes he shows themselves he's got a music and ultimately that's old boy oh boy. I here ago. You know why he do when someone says the let's make this interstate while playing chess. You stop playing it. Just need to what's so marsupials favorite cocktail. Yeah. Kenya Cole all of them. Q there's been a. NN. And you know you call ladies from the south. And mammals. Paint. Pinging close. This is from Harlow at age six from Milwaukee Wisconsin and no to me. The difference between elephants in grapes of black and grapes or purple. Want to know what my. Alarm didn't make sense that neither know why didn't delve cross the street. Does say hello from the. Yeah. I'm plugging my my ass I know you aren't. Allison from Sacramento. What does it drum and cymbal say when they fall off a cliff why but I'm should the president and the. You didn't got fingers yeah. And today you know they know how Big Ten thousand thousands that was. Mean dollars and you've won a date with rain wait hold is she doesn't say I don't know how we're gonna find out. Now known about it. All right so the score is now rain and not main Gavin 80 cell. And the tying remains. In good hands. The hand drawn ends. Lost it and somebody else out there and often is like soft to the bad way I I I'll take I'll take good care of the case hey. Hey. All I as always you can watch the video began avenue rain Joseph got you can text joke to 7338980. Can also email us your jokes at joke and it and online dot com. You graduate it's now.