Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 11-3-17

Friday, November 3rd

Check out round 15 of Gavin & Rayne Joke Off to see who wins this round.


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By the end of aren't our guys inside again for another issue in Gavin in green yeah. Joseph Joseph. Joke. DeVon ranger guys every Friday here I'm going to call it dead jokes. For a. Really great. Hi what role you left you lose that easy now. Finally put the suggestion of wake up call listeners we've discovered that we should start keeping score he makes sense. The score is Gavin sad end. Please and then we May Day around the pretty good probably 5050 cab and yeah we started doll we started keeping track while we have. That's right I mean a million no one writes odds are he'd jokes back and forth as always you can watch the video you can text the word joke to 73389. All right cell. It's find out who's gonna walk away the champion at a loss last time. Clearly didn't sell brain you to go first came away bullet had hit staying took. So big yet and apparently this arm of the trophy by the way is OK okay agree here's his cannon I gave him I can't do. I try and escape yelled it's so small and try here yup again and arrange a golf. What you call a marathon of pastors yeah. Toronto amount of ram runs. Why should you not write with a dull pencil. And it's pointless. What is the best tongued sue vegetable. And what brought relief. You know why I stopped tying it all my want is to my belt but I had. Pain and why. It was a waste of time. You ruin my. I. Human did you hear about the Italian chefs have now. He passed away. That's tomorrow and people. To. They call a sad dog. The root of melancholy. Shot. Why did the chicken cross the road then why. Did you do your house. It's what happens. When you combine a dab joke with some rhetorical question. Odd. Good one. Yeah. Wow own. Quiet this even Rome burned across the knock knock who's there nudge shaky and call back on the back. You know what the only thing of flat earth third fear. What it okay. Expanded your gated estate in the studio for the joke off. Do you know about it you know the only thing the flatter authors fear. They always fear severe itself. Do you have a hard. Name. You've got on the fence Gammons. So what's the difference between your in laws and outlaws. What outlaws or wanted on the left without. Why don't we show smelly at the farm. Good smells like dairy air. Jerry narron. Train and can. Two guys walk into a bar both third guy docs show. Okay why not. Okay. Do you like in the well. Oh man. There and I go below is for my part of the plea. Really sorry. We've gotten so many rounds that I they would keep my stupid mouth shut it happened today don't like being in a bond. Referee. You think yeah I mean I was trying to get into buying it psychologically and I could push it goes. Liquor well so the score is now Gavin hates rain how careful are. I did this ominous giant truth. Yeah. Hello half and the second trophy the loser trophy in your. Now you can watch the video again and arrange a god he can text joke. 73389. Plus if you wanna submit your own jokes for the joke off we'd love to read Emily and give you shout out here on Yemen range O'Costa. If you email on joke. At and online dot com congratulations.