Gavin & Rayne Joke Off #12

Friday, October 13th

Listen to this week's "Gavin & Rayne Joke Off", it's round 12 now. Who will win the trophy this week?


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065 PM yeah. It's time guys since Friday incurred Gavin and green and Joseph. Yeah and arranger and you're ready you're going to call yeah. And I AM through dead jokes. Each other. The lefty loose. No one blustery. And DeVon got second place city at the second place trophy. Like that my eight. First place trophy that I got in seventh grade has become their runner up trophy but we'll look at the first trophy. That's your first place we should name this guy which uranium and tighten tighten you'll work on it and this is all who. But I don't Aladdin lamp at the top of it to this this. You know what. The runner up the trophy yeah all the Katie highlight wow that's what's why. Because it's so small just like you. Q so if you never said he'd get any rain joke off the winner takes on this 2006 softball trophy net stands. Us as 32 and happy doll right by in any runner up takes home mom but Katie be Katie by the way you look at the bottom of that. This now it has Katie name written on the bottom of it Onassis belt through different ways so. I'm not making that up it's so. You know don't explain why sometimes mysteries are funny here than the truth and now you last feel there is a silly rule. Your readiness. Giving us first. Good thing. There's a catch the order a drink Powell. Twisters straight up typical. Related then. What is the ducks'. Favor drug. Ducks came in trying to get out of the black cocaine. Did 568. Who is Graham loved fashion she gave him a sweater. Want to G-Unit. It'll. Do you and I remember that. She union yeah. Pull out this slows the old days why didn't the skeleton cross the road. In them that got us. Drink seasonal. As the Lady Gaga like her neat how. I'm brawls. All around all right. Good. Do you really think you mean yeah I thought I appreciate you doing. Tell you man. Yeah. Why didn't have the lifeguard can save the hippie. I don't. Cues too far out man. Palin's built their house how oh yeah glues it together. I'm not one plays a part of a race car ruin the movie. Just spoiler. I don't like menstrual cycles. I'm not play well in the president I don't have any comment I am. They don't think. That's. Gonna be bad and I don't like menstrual cycles. Peary and no. And not get the pleasure. I think menstrual cycle. Probably keep the KV this week we climbed to the great setup for a joke. Iran. Now. Now he had allowed a wonderful that was wondered all right I want to thank you. Did Iraq have did you feed your recent around on my eyes really are really begin in assured this is I don't like Max for. So I wish could I really want people to watch the video of this show got. Because the UI is when you don't like a joke you looks. Hud. GT eight game down. The huge flood blood will not everything can be an upper cut sometimes you've just got to throw a jab. You look at it is sort of take it personally would let me go use I'd absolutely take it personally I don't don't take it personally. What. So you don't. A. Katie spelled two different ways on the bottom of her trophy from childhood KATIE. And KATE. Eight well obviously I had to leave write my name on there because they spelled that wrong. Good job brain thank you congratulations. Take care my baby until I get a back I will as always you can watch Gavin and I joke each other off it's quite romantic. I eighty Dixon joke to 7338 nice. Still wake up call.