Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 12-8-17

Friday, December 8th

Check out the next round in Gavin & Rayne Joke Off. Will Gavin win this round or will Rayne reign supreme!:


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1065 the end. I cry hey it's time our tradition and avid and arraignment. It's okay. Plus you know and I. Harmonized thing. Yeah listen and before. I'm just teasing them. Monday I. My way let's. And she like her because she should have just actually this went just seemed sloppy writes us that's Gavin arrange jumped off every Friday dad jokes back and forth. One rule you laughs you lose we have trophies. We have excellence. We have our pride. And we have to score weighing. Ten that jab me in the aides. I'm I'm I'm about our guys. By the way at any time you can text in that and I jumped to 73389. You can watch the video again and arrange a golf. Up plus you can send us an email with your jump day you could be included young again and arrange a coffee can just email it to joke. At and online dot com ready I'll. I'm ready are you okay I'm ready chipping this person. That's the train. From Ashley in Sacramento yeah. You call among teens in a mine field what. This is drama. Nicole from plaster bill did you Italian chef with a terminal illness. He tossed away now is just decent history yeah. It the losers. Jeremiah from Sacramento aged well. What are the sushi and save it could be. What it was I mean. It happened when they walked into a bar. And nailed gap and got hammered me. What's the tallest building in Sacramento but. The library is it as the most stories. Alone. This is from. A lame now from Sacramento. When they have that tall building yeah. The strawberries today when their favorite song came on. And how much. Can you couldn't get okay. GO about the cheese factory that exploded in France yeah. Now there was nothing left but debris. Did you hear about the shooting more than I used a starter pistol. They say it was race related it. Hello all. My friend David lost his ID. Yeah I just gone dad's. They're all like balance they just yet. Brick. The lead singer of nickel back. Got fired from the nativity play. Because you may get as a wise man I. I love nickel. They get in Geneva show that's my grandma. Absolutely at CL IC can hear it. Shouting and jumped. This from Gina. They make Lady Gaga mad. Poker face. It saw an ad on Craigslist for six years TV. Volume on bold. And offer can't turn down. Call what do tired just can't sit still. Both the restless legs syndrome. We're. What do you call the old computers that can sing in the wife Adele. I need to more have today all my own view and here yeah. Plagiarism. This may sound is the barometer begin you like you're a lot. Yeah I did not telling your bond looks like it's a giggled and just does sound is coming home. I was just looking up at my ceiling. Do you get through good times and I'll and so do guys say yeah I'll watch. And I was just looking after my ceiling and it's not the best ceiling in the world. But it's up there. Adding yet doesn't. I don't care. You bothered to. They did. As always you can watch that video observes you extra piece of big. I you watch the video of DeVon arrange a god just text joked to 73389. Useless now.