Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 4-13-18

Monday, April 16th

Listen to this round of "Gavin & Rayne Joke Off" to find out if Rayne is going to be keeping his winning streak:


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Every single Friday it's a battle to the deaths. We colleague Gavin in green. Just. Joining me. DeVon and ranger guys we do it every Friday here on the wake up call. And there is only. Rule. You laugh you lose. Dead jokes back and forth. Let us remind Lincoln clusters the score. Is Gavin fifteen. The CD. Mean yeah it's this it's. Not. Yeah he get meg yeah that's professional wrestler. The references all along brownie here or not he's not becoming more debatable but I don't noses and yes. Yeah you're wrong at the wrestling reference. I was just making sure everyone knew OI app pool until meter one ones. It's you know it's yeah yeah yeah yeah right right. Asa debt jokes back and forth as always you can watch the video of Gavin and rain joke off you can text the word joke to 73389. Gavin you ready well. Ellen before we go any further need to remind everybody okay if you don't remember last week during the joke off. Oh brouhaha happened at the end. Well he Katie is awesome. I. Thought that I had fallen and broken. Fallujah has been in trouble would you have done all you've done and made a living hell yeah. This is so precious. Take it back and we'll find another trophy does wow all you know we're gonna do contact. Re a tiny little Barbie doll and a Gulu TV's face to it and that's good be good news I'm losers trophy up. So you do have something all well all mental and works have Nina what is key to throw it across the room I. Champion always goes first. I heard some vandals. Stole the shot from the fund fair sign in Sacramento man. No it's just unfair. Burden. Good luck still holds up. Well okay. Mike deaf wife laughed at me for her death friend. Who should've seen the signs. Gavin my friend's dad recently died. He was really upset because he said his daddy could never remember his blood type. His last words were be positive. What kind of teeth can you buy referred dollar. Buck teeth. Definitely ever wondered why bread is just like the sun now it rises in the east and sets in the waste. The brain you're an awfully close their mr. What you call a bug that lips sinks. I don't know a Milli Vanilli peeved. DeVon junior Katie gets annoyed if you mess of their wine. And I decided at a certain lemonade do it. And now she's seeing brio the never. Well well one is are they is trying to get the word angry out with an S front he's very close. Mike what are the pets quieter but they're so expensive. I just get a cheaper one off the web. Pat him on the ropes and more while interviewing for a job and be interviewer asked me one of my strengths. Tyson I can perform under pressure. He should can you give me an example. I said. But under under under defendant. And that then that didn't. Under pressure. And then clean and we got to ask. What I got pulled over the Cobb asked if I had a police record. I said no but I've got to sting album. Okay. It. And about a million Billy V with good again I. And I years the trophy. For the sake of time hunt this figure out quick way to OK. Quick way to do that there's. So Brian and they all have pegged as the court. Once again to review and everybody what's Katie said. Bryce had last week as that I'm gonna make my own trophy yeah and then they get a Barbie doll and I'm gonna put your. Face on it. Why didn't do that well look I got a murder and talk with the red hair. And I found the worst should. I find the black and blue. Stones. And I. And I'll let all that got the award for America the heat and time dads. This is the new Katie. The new losers stroke we re I don't have a two year old. All I hear you're welcome daughter I don't see how you did what I'd like yeah I'm not no time and also I am a word that. Keeping that picture. That's a 100% gonna stay that's up we're not gonna. You should super glued to the mermaids basis knowing it's enough it's not coming off if you would like to see the picture of the new second place joke off trophy here on the wake up call you can text joke to 73389. To watch the video of sort. Taking and taking that extra. It's super glued. Told you I was gonna this I didn't know with that picture. I don't ignore that pictures from I don't know all that might make that pays more than I realized how how hot.