Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 6-15-18

Friday, June 15th

Watch this week's Gavin & Rayne Joke Off, find out who will come out on top: 

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Guys are back there Friday tradition known as avenue in green and and it's not so. The owner and you know yeah. There's only. Pool. Maintenance. Guy. Sorry I just got carried away by Gavin arrange our guys did everything I hit it picnic on the lake of golf. I'm bad jokes back and forth other school are. It's a pretty impressive score might say it's Gavin twining and who took. What is it I addition because you said last week that I get to audition to be part of the show gobbled. Go to the end yeah that's on what are the yen by the way rain yet Smart move taking your shirt off because now these are really gonna wanna text joke. 273389. So they can steal the glory writes are you got you got an idea and JB as far as I know hum waiting gear giggles out. How many years this captain Kirk have. How many last year right ear. In final frontier. I'm addicted to seaweed. I really must seek help. A circle as the most ridiculous shape ever invented. It has no point. Why didn't make dinner. But I surprised everyone would take out what I got home which makes me a subpar hero. Homes that's we. When does your wallet just knew how the blackbird was going to respond any sank. I don't know that so Reeves. The Adam and eve discover the god doesn't like gambling. I don't know when he took away there paradise. On. Electronic never lies. Out what a fax machine. And able to make a reservation at the library and they must be completely blocked. Wearing two jackets loved to party. Where Coachella. Deal happened. When the Max magician. Said that he disappear on the count of three. I know he said you know. Dogs. And the disappeared without a Trace. Hingis. Effect it is that speaks. Not to watch the video at a really get. And. The name of the dating site for people with a Lisp. FaceBook. It's got. Back. What is happening you know and lists of money that's not a great job record doesn't and get on a name so the score is now. Gavin and won the. To. Are you ready for your addition yeah I'm going to be awful glad do we know what is in Georgia I talk about your alluded there. They that the jokes not. Well. I have a lot of matches I thought I. And he kind of an. Eagle the first. For. Brown's date still not okay are today it's bound. OK so wait is it like the first what you don't laugh Lou is pretty. This year there's one rule. We sat there and forget this spring is here. Hi cuffed or invite him and let my plate. You know. The first French Fries words actually cooked in France but this was enough to know now. They were cut in Greece. I'm about Ian I gravity of the boggle the blood out. I'm Kate hearing goat keep going. She said. Your milk can add that I think. And me and said no I'll sleep in the carton. Deeds is yet to help funny jokes. I don't ask don't. Find. Right do you need more time to compare OK here's global deal will give you another week of dew is much preparation as you were mean to OK and bring the good stuff. Okay bring the goods I don't like income doubles island stabbed her intelligence that you bags. Keep quiet now all of. Okay. Arlington. As always you can watch the video of can't hit. It and cut out of the you can text joke and does 73389.