Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd


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065 the end yeah. It's Friday in the timing has arrived. For jamming in. The job done Joseph not Joseph Johns Joseph got jokes and. Yeah. Okay I'm very could be heard. Schools and again in the range of gods and there is no lane. But seg Gavin arrange gospel we do it every single Friday it's very few gag jokes back and forth. There's one rule you last lose in the score. Is. And German singer spoil me. And rig that's why they. Can I tell you coming but that wrestling thing again win you do but I can see just the tiniest bit of her belly coming your shirt and that's so we'll. Off planning. You know what I'm glad you brought that up Katie because next diamonds connect change into our brand do back. And rein it in certain Kevin T shirts that we have we're gonna have these intersect town tour that we kick off next week which you will be able to watch. DeVon and rape joke awful why why is Joseph got cursed and Cox. So let's say we're gonna get orange theory and Rocklin next Friday's have you and combines yes we're gonna do the whole show from 530 to ten broadcasting live. You'll be able to see the joke off you'll see the no name movie game you'll see are you smarter dinky real a lot of pretty belly. All right you ready I'm ready all right shaping goes first. Began. Paste an attorney jokes about boomer rings. We should all come back things. To prisoners favorite punctuation. A period this comes at the end of the sentence. Went to the doctor he said my DNA was backwards. I said and I'm giving way might she may first three big saves on the house yeah me. Having Katie trainer dog you bring your her red wine but he's a Border Collie. Well. You know it's called what if Richard Graham on speed dial. In to grand. Key element. You don't want my chief case doesn't like you and use other tooth paste it's extra sensitive yeah. I told my friend and top people asking me to buy the meat. And then he said my mistake. And I said. You don't. A well that didn't get it and yeah about the dog and that was having puppies on the side of the road now decided for littering. The in your punch lines and garbage so that it newcrest is you know what you call a bobcat in German boot. I can't have you trails yeah. Do you flat bobcats on details. How do you find a blind man and a nudist colony. How it's not hard. Pound Jeremy is really Edwards blew he's working blue today. You know why Mike gun collection is worth so much. These two men in the box. Sounds surprising I was on one count of furniture store keeps calling me they won't stop. All I want it was one night stand. You know what happened when I brought my phone with speed to the courthouse. They got charged to. I always had. An irrational fear. Speed bumps. And slowly getting over but. It's just they deliver it bad puns I. She can win the times. My girlfriend works in TV. And I still don't know how she gets in there. My friend is a doctor. So when he got hurt he insisted on sticking his own wounded. I said fine suit yourself. Along like Batman can't but the theater really is a giant well tell my son's face. He's still in the hospital with severe injuries. Come on. Went to another doctor. He thinks my brain deleted all the information I know about eighties music. I sit dikes. What does the deer they said oh my god it's worth good. Oh. Didn't they bugged me. Back the clock and I feel there's led rotten day in big night and you. All you work hard is starting to crack up. When you started laughing. She is not wrong and so we gonna call us at the first ever drawn I'm hi I don't see how week. King Colin anything else you know I. How this we let the listeners decide who won this 10 okay well okay and dole not now not now. You have to watch the video okay. And at the end of the video. We'll tell you what words to text and pay the senate 389. We will tally it up and next week at the sac town to war alone were doing a joke off live we announce who won. Okay so to watch the video of Gavin arranger got this week you can text joke. To 73389. Need to watch it pretty Al and then at the end of we'll tell you what to text in to determine who is the winner of this week's data range joke off.