Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 9-14-18

Friday, September 14th

Listen to this week's brand new "Gavin & Rayne Joke Off" to find out who will come out on top:

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Every Friday. Its view would mean. We college avenue in rain. It's. Don't don't don't don't just good to see who. Every Friday we do debt jokes back and forth it's Gavin rain chilled out and there's no laying. Rule wow I didn't think you're gonna get there. Gavin as you can tell cradling. She. Just makes linking to she tightened sleeping sorry. Kevin won last week so he's holding the trophy no prisoners don't earth apparently she's she's leaving the hotel and a dead jokes back and forth you laugh you lose let us from I wake up call listeners this gore is gab into one mean to. He he broke your water bottle or on the yeah are you reading. Men chanting this first. Well as a kid. Our cat had kittens. And my dad made me go to the lake with and drowned and I was crying my eyes out. Because they couldn't make them skip. This terrible day right. Implants say hello. How hello. Did. When I went away to college my parents through any huge going away party forming. At least that's what the letters that. What did the eagle not study for his test. Why he thought he could wing it. Play. Hi Katie told me the other day that these frightened her and I'll bet the rest of the alphabet does still. Wired Donetsk God's favorite food and why because there whole. Mean cork. Might shine asks. Towels gay. And I said no thereby send. Knock knock who's there are no bell no bell the U had Nobel so I had did not. What's the difference between African elephants in Indian elephants. And about 5000 miles. Put the books do oranges like to read. What kind pulp fiction. My track coach asked me this bottom what he was showing me how to do the high job. So he runs he jumps do you misses the mat and balls and cracks his head he's going. And I said. What did the Allman say to the peanut before their fight why cashew outside now but. I tried to borrow books from the Los Angeles public library. And they said you've to prove your resident of LA. So I stabbed him. What type of sugar do you use to make mean Kool Aid. What kind showed tonight. Is good of a slimmer as I used to be you know Iverson's evolution. Gavin gee you know I used to hate my job standing in one corner of the room blowing air at people out. But no Olympic fan. I don't Justin Bieber sings at my funeral. Then me being dead won't be the worst thing to happen everybody else that day. What did they university dean say to the penis when he got access. What you're didn't. I had a friend who was arrested for shoplifting. I didn't know he was that strong. What is the first thing they save the beginning of every plastic surgery addiction support group. You see a lot of new faces here. You heard that I have you know my favorite thing about being stoned is. It really lets the town's people get their rationale. The idea. Yeah. All right I'm. I don't know this is never happened before and I went out shot the cops shut off this isn't a bunch didn't see. This has to be split decision. Is the question. Does this acquire a Wii. And nobody gets a point. Boarded having get a point or because of rains in prepared as a whole book have I brought more fire. Yes. I think the image of you would Gavin didn't run at a jokes. So there. 'cause we weren't good today we were good write jokes reply edit I guess if you brought your hip hop joke right out and fingers yeah it was cashew outside. He isn't good now and it's. A standalone. Yeah. I'm and that's what Katy thank gave what do you say. Yeah yeah. All my. Well. I mean. All eight. I guess that means the final scorer today is having Swanee three.