Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 9-15-17

Friday, September 15th

Round 9 of Gavin & Rayne Joke Off


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65 the end yeah. Our guys spent time. Yeah I mean in green yeah. Up. It's OK okay. Back again. Danny Granger this is where get a night jokes show there are several exciting about this time you. 100% it's becoming a big wake of lawlessness in game. And it feels good for you at. And suggest each other out I'm so glad we have a trophy now. True all you have a trophy. You finally did. He's being sarcastic as he doesn't like the trophy that I dropped what is that is my ardent middle school me. Outstanding. Drama trophy usage you're an easy do you think you're gonna make one. Villainy is first of all why is Aladdin lamp at the top of the best. I can't tell it what what you think I would not see any end trauma and I. I don't know a lot duty in the genie now I hope I learned a Rogge actually islands in the the. Invisible dragon OK I want in 1987. Soft small trophy dad is. Three feet tall and will be dazzle let's move to anybody Mozilo the call this morning if you have a 1987 we will except 1986. And you're really donated to the wake up call. We would love to have it as your trophy because it at that would actually prove someone get something done on the show by the way. Do you remember everybody remember when it. Drain accused me of using my friend Robert Berry local comedienne. Yeah. Joked hell yeah yeah he's that it is cheating and it's not cheating I just wanted to say the rain and I've reached an agreement I'm going to be doing a few of Robert Barry's jokes from his joke book which you can purchase it retro crushed dot com that's. It's true and he be doing these jokes today I guarantee you're gonna lose again for three weeks and are glad about that again. In a line wise that I too. Recruited some help you after he had I have to go. Ten year old Joseph Reynolds oh my god this is. From a Marie Monte elementary school I don't mind me I'm not Miramar. That's the better right her actual comedian vs child no contest team. Find out. Although I am nervous all of a sudden there is one rule you laugh you lose yeah champion goes first. Look at Buchanan I okay sorry. Mary and Joseph assigned chores. And you know what they've made their Sunday you left. Jesus what. What kind of person. Is fed up when people show. Thank you animal. I won't I am. Because I think it's why does Tony Stark not wearing tuxedos a lot. Iron and I guess OK. I don't know. It's not his strong suit. I thought his previous start making. That's stupid. What is big green this. Fuzzy has four legs and a fifth fell out of a tree it would kill you what a pool table. You know I am mad at people that shaming my dog yeah. It's just a little husky. I have six eyes. Two mouse 3 years what am I mean I don't know ugly. Really. Got to gamble on the. You know the show is called. Where they find out how super cute animals died. Autopsy. And roll. Knock knock who's there bill. No you sound like and now all the. Yeah. So cribs. Yeah. I figured delivery and that is via task thank you thank you very much less in. These jokes came from ten year old John Reynolds so John I think you if you'd love to submit jokes for our joke gossip you can always die email lasting good and online dot com. Gavin. Listen I apologize to my friend comedian Robert Perry that he may I you've lost it all off C that was actually and how. On the road god I was close at hand to shake thank you Robert jet out Roger crush dot com for his book. And finally here's this here's your done Katie trophy. I heard that immediate some bold sure hadn't now. Not atoning. That they at any time you can text joke it is 73389. Into what Gavin and I just got to do it every Friday at 710 on the wakeup call don't act so surprised.