Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 9-22-17

Friday, September 22nd

Gavin and Rayne do another round of the Joke Off LIVE from the United Way's Day of Caring...


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The wake up call. 16 by the end seven settle the wake up call sunny high of 76 today I did do a tickets coming back later on this morning at 930 equal to twice today. 930 and 330 just got to count the songs we played here atlas excited the end. When we tell you stopped you calling it have the correct number of songs you're going to the dissident resort happens later this morning at the wake up call. 930 on what a 65 the end. Broadcasting live from cal expo all morning long for the united ways. It's that time. Gavin and rain and Joseph cop. It's gonna happen. I Katie is it here today kiddies out six LO were broadcast live from Alex bell. I want double live versions of this and become in the studio but it's. Doing it would work out here and he adds another element. Agenda that we don't trophy. Yes notre put an extra. It's probably two and a half feet tall the importance yes and I feel like we do wives and because there's a trophy. I feel like this is like kind of like an exhibition church your shirt day out so it doesn't really count rights practice front line right. I'm so old they were Zagat and it will volley jokes back and forth to each other the first one to laugh lose its. Yeah the only one rule I want last week. Wait no no I don't do it because I laughed at. Goes oh that's right I'm primary day yet. So. All right changing those very shows burst ready yes. This Joseph. Hello. When it becomes apparent. What do you call it ten million can't keep its color anymore. Like. A red tile dysfunction. It took. What happens to the Calvert jumped over the barbed wire fence. I don't utter destruction can prevent it. It. How long did the gag joke last. Outlaw a paternity. What do you call web developer who likes to find bugs. 200. Splitter. I think. Web developer captain Scott and if you can. Again it faulted. Good and I don't. Well. Laughs yeah. I guy. Out there. I had. The bullpen years of thought I might go down for a second to explain it. You dummies the Internet computer joke I don't dotted and you do. Joseph guy I figured I'd. Talking hoopla competing. Laughter yeah that that love of a bitch yet the Alamo wow that is an Al. I had such. I advertisers say I had a left hook act comes out. Yeah I yelled god I don't feel like that's you know like why did the exhibition that's why I can be slow look like. They've declined the row myself if that's the suit up and I hope the playoffs coming. Well hey might go Gavin. Don't that's unbelievable thank you think it was relatively quick speech. It is out and water to be the joke off champion again. Thank you very much release sport interim Kevin Davis I right there when. I'd Katie who is not even here today I god bless you for taking effort being a part of this joke off in spirit. It's great victory and we do it for America really slowed down. I am just get a California. I'm so mad right now I'm so mad at myself right now Astec last. I did just that we can talk about the united way a little bit more at Riley Corzine of course yeah. Still I hear that they cal expelled. Pretty that it raised in caring how did the stuff the bus this morning said yes and school supplies that you wanna coming to drop out for us you can also when you do come by and drop offs and school supplies army could also make fun of Gavin and how he lost the joke off with a little chocolate cake chocolate baby shock it was of baby giggle. A baby gable into giggle it was just like after all you don't get the job because you guys dummies are okay it's because. Website at its fighters both make webs and if you can't and ended. Zero. All right we did every Friday 710. Gavin hearing joke off on the wake up call.