Gavin & Rayne Joke Off Halloween Edition 10-27-17

Friday, October 27th

Gavin & Rayne Joke Off Halloween Edition


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165 the end. Guys it's time for a Halloween and ASEAN now Gavin and rain. And out of the bag I really do I want and CE AS don't give up a little bit I love that we should put some cobwebs on the trophy. And we figured that since we know we're gonna do those Dell like fifteen minutes ago that's truly the hesitancy at Halloween week so we NN spoke with I had a little bit I called hell week. They don't I so I think. Yeah every Friday it's Gavin arrange oh god Gavin NI we answered gag jokes back and forth at each other one the spooky rule all the you'll love it you'll. Hillary does. I can't really let him out of that I smack yeah. I know all right almost Tanzania but not it's like on the border yeah like when you're. I have bordering Pennsylvania and would help him. Be electric 'cause stadium acts bury it now. I had been thinking that maybe Turkey's Turkish issue right now and bragging that he knows what's around your Pennsylvania Romania okay let's just. OK so I did like this and one rule you laugh you lose Gavin won the trophy last week. Even though we only got through one joke. Lab but fat. I this time it's all we jokes are yes all holding jokes. So you can watch the video of us Gavin NI joking each other I think text joke. 73389. I. I mean like me that many Halloween jokes how do you know you're not gonna have the same jokes well if they find out what role the punches but there are many Ali yeah. Yeah okay now. Halloween bad jokes okay I'm adding I don't know what I want something about a Halloween. I don't how I won't do that town stopped only Umenyiora putting half my job just. Barely got me. Your first chanting let's just like we all measure eight. How do you fix a broken pumpkin and done with a pumpkin patch and yeah. What are graveyards so noisy. Car why yeah because of all that costs and happens. When you ghost a ghost. I did the vampires subscribe to the New York Times why he heard they had great circulation. But they didn't I don't. Easy now isn't it it's. Yeah official referee a minute think not OK okay yeah I can't I can't believe crust not hard. All right barred fighting bigger more real above I guess it's OK good thank you judge it. Of the house doesn't zombies stay out of go to the living room. Why can't mail ghosts have babies why. Because they have Halloween you suck. I don't know. Flyer demon Susan goals always together. Trying to cause demons are wrong school's best friend. Decades now from its Anke. Haven't had a Campbell that was late for dinner what he served in the cold shoulder. Yeah and a camera I don't skeleton ever go trick or treating shot. Oh good film. 'cause they don't have anybody to go where it end. I don't know how there was so many other good Halloween. And this next Halloween night. And say you are you almost blew the head straight out the game I don't know why or how what. Want some. I oh my god I'm a little bit and became part of the deal not a good look of the isn't that yeah it's gonna happen though my commands got to get broken and I am going. There really isn't the bass looking at a that trophy at the TV. Loser drove read that Cheney is the T. I'll play the program and had so. I sell every Friday we did Gavin arrange a golf has always detects where joke 73389. Congratulations Canon YouTube happy Halloween. Still wake up call.