Gavin Trolls Stacy 8-17-18

Friday, August 17th

Gavin tagged his wife in a Facebook challenge knowing it would bother her but not knowing how badly it would flip her out:

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Avenue selling a softy he decided to have a little fun with his wife Stacy and editor expand spoken. I'm Stacey if you're listening to this. To stop. A holiday. To stop listening McCain. You know how those FaceBook things go around they kind of like become viral. Where you on it's it's always does something different this one specifically was about movies but it's like. You know I talk about you did top ten favorite albums of all time. Post a picture of a name tags somebody to keep it going and asked them what their top ten favorite album I'll I. You know I'm talking now so somebody my friend Mike tagged me in one of these challenges and it was firm movies. Sell I went through a night and at first you know every day for ten days you're supposed to have just posted a picture of your of movies that made an influence on your life. And you're supposed to them tags somebody else so that the challenge keeps going right first. Tag all the usual suspects when it comes to my friends who were really into movies and stuff. Start running out of people. I think to myself. I wish a married I should probably tied my wife in this I mean that be kind of a plan he tagged his life. You know right before he tagged me so that I thought well. Tagging her in something like this. Is a really bad idea. A cause it's gonna spin her out and whenever Stacy hates posting on FaceBook who I she's an introvert. I always Weaver running joke in the Stanley that every single time she post something on FaceBook. I was go. Now everybody's looking you. Put that she didn't grab that she thinks on top of being an introvert she also is an English major. On so she's the grammar Nazi says she scrutinize. It. Everything. Twice on two different levels is everything spelled right is a grammatically does that makes cents on top of that. She's also like oh my god they gonna think I'm stupid for right now. I'll even funny oh my god so that went high tiger in it too. NBA challenge on FaceBook on man rush no that's not the law that she has to do it. But I had no idea it was gonna spit her out as badly that once. You. Did know I can tell you know Bennett yeah. I had to do so big bird pen today he'd I had third of those immediate thing. She's. The average age is gonna have to British did you go see it. It was way worse than that to look way worse than that I come home. And I see a piece of paper sitting there and has just probably fifteen movie titles written on it. I'm gonna put them both it's. And I find out that my wife. As soon as she was tied it and why and didn't want to do it but to felt like she had to do it or she were bloodied people all I I yeah. She's so much time on that she had still map next she. He has she was go through I gave me what side what are your greatest. I've how many though the affected me out I'll really allegedly. Majoli and she did we get these stat lines drawn G I think she had to do lists like all. Late. She was putting so much time. Candidates and Jews trying to figure out like OK so I do that's what board which 1 am I gonna do first came to bat as. You can. It. Is right global. And I actually felt bad. Little bits per second not really because it was so funny to watch urges spinning circle. Trying to agree that printer I don't successful prank a little. That doesn't adapter but that does that not that bad day began did you all be. I had no idea she was gonna react this way I'd call you a dirty lie well I didn't. Notion is gonna be this bad and the problem now is that I tiger in it probably like a week ago. And now she's getting anxiety could she thinks people are waiting for her to pull. Yeah. The president won yet. She can't go and little knowledge that don't do much climb began. I.