Gavin Wingmans Kevin Follow-Up

Friday, November 17th

The Wake Up Call talked about Kevin meeting his crush earlier this week and we follow up with her after she heard the segment:


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65 the end so we wanted to follow up on. Sigmund that we did earlier in the week we were talking about how we were at Disneyland resort in eastern Kevin. Finally got to meet a crush of his train Sheehan Miree stay right CEO George or radio station in San Francisco. And so we talked about how download I Kevin pretty much blew any opportunity he had there Gavin did a fantastic. Job I'm hearing as a wing man I did my best you can lead a horse to water which can make it drink Gavin assistance guide Sheehan here is to follow Kevin on the NC Graham even got a phone number but Kevin. Refuse to ride guardians of the galaxy with her because Kevin does it ride that ride as he's Tuesday it was over selling that break. And goes over the airwaves and later of that today get a text message from ms. Chan barrel. Since that year text me wow what she says at first thought she said to have held ransom. You really bad loans. She. Had a bug question. And it was all caps ma. And it's a question gonna offend the mean I don't know I don't know who is that the question on every list then asked. The Big Easy easier and how. Clay and now. Yeah. I can't I don't. That's what this. Hey she was shocked you restrict. I'm hurt. Ole hole and I think she opened well just racked. Yeah T bit back together. And then shot again and it cracked again now can I do is they see and how Oslo because of how do you see approaching let's I wanna. He dry like our DC think it's seek gang who why did he argues she's say oh my god he actually likes girl like I got this kind of thing happen. And I had Canon I. Married while they're like I. Daddy it was all in caps and there is a WTI from vault and let me. Let me feed attack it's better to deal that got. I mean there. Yeah it's. Patsy berries didn't make any juicy and the youth now stubborn wife that burst all wrong approach she's a beautiful lovely lady and I think I. You'll say god cannot. Kevin stop like DeVon thin line and I think that you should still pursue an out okay yeah. Until. And let me just say I'm gonna get hotter girl make her jealous okay Kevin stopped. Like Gavin finish line NS I just wanna point something out. That land when you hear news like this talking about your cupid heroin how to crack and then got put back together. That might be part of the prom so I guess now I AM IE. That Iowa strain guide us that's fun day and. Yeah. And why did indeed sought to split what got me a matter of having a have a deep voice so all those good we could be blessed with a dull that Colin the brain right we all have our our little more square it's okay well I'm. Acquired signaling something that lead to day I think instead of getting mad at Sharon not a match I'm all our. Areas can be made into juice bar and why there is always glad now let me just golf lies at how many girls lined up I don't care okay all right. She. Did not shoot you down she was just shocked maybe that was our whole. Maybe that was like oh thank god he is straight but cause I am attracted to him and thought there was no chance of both more. Alone you. Need to stop. Touchy about it yeah. Now if people and people assume Kevin Gary are some non what she's you. He knocked his straight and they act. Eat and and if that's if you're just gonna be who you Lar which I think is lovely and wonderful then you have to come up with a deep fault. To how you responded to people assuming you are get a that is not nasty and I immediately reject you. Kevin how do you say big star. She's about a day is really he only got I dead at like no offense you can fake. None taken and the lucky for you I'm straight. There and and here. And get her to my dad and then we'd prove that I'm straight okay now it's grown so high. The wakeup call and.