Gavin Yells For You 1-17-18

Wednesday, January 17th

Sometimes there are things you can't yell at, so Gavin will do it for you!


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Thanks IBM. Enjoy yourself Gavin. Does it for you no longer have an opinion about it. Yeah okay. I 7661065. This is where we give you an opportunity. To get something off your chest but it does the yelling for yo. If you wanna call ended he gets on the net it's on your mind 7661065. K good morning. Are you gonna started off this morning what is getting yelling at you for. At people. All while. Chilling. I mean. It is pretty obnoxious. Running up. All that most of you know who might be babies and I. Don't know and the and that's. The that's. All he. Beat. Well a club. He. Sounds like I like. That I did get. They got good and I didn't see. Open. Want to see how well they don't want it going and I go out and she. All wow wow eighty does that negate does that help you off. That's six have a great day on it it is off fall let nail in my sinner right. Yet you are. Good morning let's get a yelling for you for. Gavin you couldn't even market experts predict I'm driving down and write and it's our eight crazy lunatic driver. Include number one had expired plates so he should be driving like that because he doesn't have the authority to even in car but he liked everywhere so clean column out. Car is. At the Toyota Avalon like it out of the map backed. Yeah Tina. And I think Toyota Avalon. I. Told. Car and it's got a slow down if you're away. Out of traffic. And you've got to slowed down its plot and this soon. Probably. Hang. Are you you've got to be paying attention would you adult book my legs iron you know what how old. I do well and I'm like how on. You. W like minority report. Manic grind. And your other. Call me what I call my wife now here's aren't I thought I got it or not. I'm wondering if you bowed out you are down. I wish I was shocked he left the fact that it's a 2000. Modeled car and that's just alone you didn't that's construed sixteen years old don't you go so fast. Banks have a great morning. Hamburger morning. Aren't keen with Gavin yelling for you for. And he thinks or year old and a nine year old. You know again about. I mean. I'm in. I can relate to as I get how easily relate to pass. OK so he could do you guys what are we gonna living you are badger and the outlook is gonna. Free reign at all well don't get it because all of my neighbors and what are we not tell what. Those Clinton beat people that I had twelve kids she did bad you can't sit. Right here I stumbled around but you're not. Believe your badger. And like you get Stevie and you get. Whatever food in the pantry but at the journal do get to just eat whatever I bring you didn't and that's. You guys can't stop fighting. Well I tell you get there and sign some. Free. And then the king day. Shin OK I understand that this is day what time judgment call and and the person who's been locked in their room at. Does not yet to urging the opportunity to get the burn it to be the person that. That is correct that's bra. I'm happy it's Amber's given that a big timber have a great day our last ones are good morning. Good morning pilots getting yelling for you tour. Well good Ridley into court and I've been aiding and there well. There. Yeah. OK okay I love that aren't aren't. So the guys stick out a lot of confident. Did not. Hold the it's not that single. Edge thinking big lead check. A certain age it's a flyer right. You're out of luck I think Dijjer the leg and be single to. Right. Guys all yeah. How old the older we'd be and how old. It. Was created to bring it again. Okay hi rise. And remain so. Who are not and gray did not think I am. Realize that family is there and you think you're out yeah. Wake up call.