Gavin Yells For You 10-25-17

Wednesday, October 25th

Gavin yells for listeners with aggravating problems that they need yelled at by a professional:


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Thanks IBM. And do it yourself Gavin. Before you know lung damage. Are you yeah. Well we love this thing again and yells for you if you have something in your life that you went Gavin to yell about. 7661065. You get the vocal cords nice and warmed up the app. Is completely right I think when the Vienna over the end. I'm edit many tell and I know there's we've got to self playing piano that we took them up and boardwalk. All I it will start with let's say. I Deseret is on good morning Deseret. MR name buys it says here you went Gavin yell your brother. For always using her car and leaving it dirty you know gas and anyone in the yell at you. Maybe it's tricky lighting and you go so fast. Yeah its name. Brian Brian care to hide this is Gavin yells for you only can call. Yeah yeah. And did not blow but it sure looked good yeah. And I went yeah all the dirty. It. Ideal. Need to fuel car that you shouldn't. That's the dirty all of aids is throwing out there you're bury. Bodies. Flying cars. Yeah oh bloody. And while the subject. At their hey why. You have the. Enough. Wow all right guys they Desiree emigre dates. Heidi is on good morning Heidi. I I Martin all what do you mean Gavin yells for. I need Gannon yell and my husband told her not inning of respecting it so I did meet your abdominal injury. And get you to write. No government sect in me anymore. All right I I'll jolt listing this is gonna come from the heart all right Karen Daniels trio on the way to call. It's all. Yeah. Shock. It all yeah. There really isn't why you little girl and pull. The ball. NCAA shirt buttons that you meg. Yeah. Man and what her leg it. Organ that do that you all yeah. Org and you it has done. Sure and then a little tiny birds eye. How. Got it did oh father lord chill. Yeah. You're all and nobody. Anymore can you. He has to go through massive surgery. Brain. Just that you. The why one of other kids don't you don't like the kids you have to. That's why you don't want. And how this is US drone today he ends all right LS one kind of called the morning. I'd still what's getting yelling for you soon. Has been an act back in her purse out of all I can read and he is you do as. Can you talk about Amy Dickinson and absent them out of definitely hit pop up a fight or. I just want you to bring it goes nope. I'm an assault there's. And what's that's what's been. Norton that would admit at. McCain finds Gavin yells trio in the wake up call. Joseph. Yeah. That's what kind of all guess you did your children that are obscuring it. Baby and and play well and does well at all and yeah be able to. Have a name that it's easy bring units today but put your gonna be complaining about. And a lot of yeah. Glad that I don't know call has got to get him. It may be enact bullet. The idea. My boyfriend ill have made about why time she's that it did that. Hello and to be here it is day and can't tell starred John they did but I bet the ticking time bomb and you will. Let's say that anymore are what baby. Yeah. Wow holy smokes. Cash.